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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by lostkraft, Nov 11, 2003.

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    Again,,, I would definately not make any claims about the herbicidal qualities of CGM until I've seen it work in the environments I'm expecting it to work in...
    As a Lawncare Professional that puts his/her reputation on the line on a daily basis,,, I don't like the idea of 50-60% success against CG, anymore than I accept a 50-60% plant survival success rate in creating beds and orchards...

    The N rate for each dollar is a valid consideration in balancing your business decisions on what you're willing to invest in... some investments payoff and others create bad money issues along with a bad rep... best advice is to invest cautiously... :)
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    Like Smallaxe said, call your local co-op to get a price. Another thing to remember is the CGM needs to be at least 60% protein to get the herbicidal properties from the material.
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    It is still available in MN for $20 per 50# bag.
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    When using CGM at rates high enough to suppress crabgrass populations, you are applying about 6# N/M. How does that compare to N needs and recommendations for cool season turf? Can you say 'over-fertilization'?

    Milorganite (and other biosolids) contain high amounts of heavy metals that can be toxic to pets, fish, and people. I've seen so many dogs get sick, visit the vet, and die from eating Milorganite applications that I won't use it anymore. Most biosolids also contain phosphorus, which you can't apply in many states.
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    I'm just not very impressed with Milorganite as a fert. It's spendy and I have had much better long lasting performance with organic based bridge products in clients lawns and my own lawn which is a testing area for products I use.

    Treated sewage sludge I can buy here 2 different types for top dressing is EPA certified safe but I can not in good conscience use it in my garden for vegetables etc. Sorry organic at heart and I don't trust it.
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    Milorganite was just an example for a cost per pound of N comparison with CGM becuz an LCO needs to have results for the least amount of cash... Since results with the "Herbicidal Qualities" are not at professional standards(50-60% less CG), it is important to at least have N along with OM to justify the expense...

    Milorganite is not full of heavy metals but has added iron that is cheaper per pound than the Ironite name brand...

    Organic ferts containing P are exempt from the P ban in our state, which focusses on surface waters...
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    And we have yet another set of made up skip numbers. The recommended rate is 20 lbs/1000 when used as a preemergent. CGM is typically 9-10% N, which leaves us with N application rate of 1.8 - 2.0 lbs/1000, which is easily within any cool or warm season turf needs.

    Care to provide a comprehensive list of toxic heavy metals that can be found in Milorganite along with the LD-50 for each? You can start with the MSDS, which by law must include information on these toxic metals. MSDS Pro 6-2-0.pdf
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    Forget that, too many people don't tell the truth these days to take anyones word. Have it tested yourself. And beyond that what was the process of eliminating the heavy metals in biosolids to begin with. Then where was that disposed at?
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    I love the california part.

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