Organic Matter and Corn Meal

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by RRHAMMONS, Dec 15, 2010.


    RRHAMMONS LawnSite Member
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    Can some tell me if aeration and ground corn meal will help to increase the amount of organic matter in heavy clay soil? What other benefits might be derived from using corn meal? Thanks.
  2. Evolving

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    Are you talking about corn gluten? If so, I think it helps keep and build organic matter in the soil by not not killing naturally occuring organisms in the soil like some patroleum based fertilizers can do. Also, at high rates corn gluten has been shown to be a weed (crabgrass) pre-emergent.
  3. dishboy

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    Yes and corm meal has been reported to help with some disease control. I had a problem lawn with what I thought was "frogeye" and two apps @ 20lbs K cleared it up.
  4. Kiril

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    Compost (top dressed) would be a far better product to use as it has a much better chance of getting into the core holes, and it provides the bulk necessary to actually build up your SOM in a reasonable amount of time for less material money.
  5. starry night

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    Most organic inputs will result in more soil organic matter eventually. You could throw your leftover supper table scraps or your clothes dryer lint on your lawn and it would eventually add some quantity of organic matter to your soil. And so would cornmeal. What you really want to do is broadcast compost after you aerate.
  6. quackgrass

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    Using corn meal is just stealing OM from the farmers field and putting it onto a lawn. The amount of energy wasted to accomplish that process could rival the amount used for producing mineral nitrogen. And then you have to factor in that the Farmer has to replace that missing O/M one way or another.

    With compost you also spend energy, but waste O/M is added back into the nutrient cycle. Its more comparable to recycling than theft :)
  7. I'm in agreement with Kiril.

    How much influence on organic matter percentage with CGM? At 20lbs. per 1,000? I don't think very much.

    You also won't get the microbial benefits that you would using compost....let alone the soil structure and water retention benefits.
  8. starry night

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    I just noticed I posted shortly after Kiril this morning without seeing his post.
    Didn't intend to be a parrot. Probably missed it because I am breaking in a new computer with Windows 7 and it has me cross-eyed.

    Yes I know, Kiril, I should get Linux but I'm not smart enough to operate it, I'm sure.
  9. JDUtah

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    Fertilize with Ammonium Sulfate and let the plant add(grow) its own organic matter to the soil! :)
  10. Kiril

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    Your response is not incorrect, however if you want to increase your SOM then compost is by far the most efficient and effective way to do it.

    Ubuntu is a version of linux that just about anyone can understand. You should download a live CD and check it out. It is a great distro for linux noobs.

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