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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by SuperLawn, Feb 3, 2002.

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    Somebody have any good organic program?
    How many application a year?
    Where to buy organic Pre-M a good price? What kind of fertilizer? What do you guys think about Corn Gluten? Any body knows something about COMPOST TEA? Salt Lake City Utah is my area Iwill appreciate any good information about it

    Thank you,
  2. tremor

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    Hi Tony

    This subject has come up several times & in the past caused quite a stir. Take a look at these.

    If those links don't work click on the SEARCH feature in the upper right hand corner of the home page & type in "organic fertilizer". Some of the most interesting debates have gone on here.

    BTW, LESCO makes a 15-3-7 .86 Pre-M. The N is derived form organic bio-solids, Urea, & PolySCU.
    50% of the bags weight is organic making this an "organic based bridge product" There is a store in Salt Lake City, call them & ask for item# 080816. I'm sure other companies are making a similar product too.

    Good Luck,
  3. Nebraska

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    Organic program
    Folks this is to gain some information about offering a "organic" program in addition to our traditional program.

    I don't want to hear any information about familiar with them. I don't want to debate the environmental issues involved. I don't need to hear anyone's idealogy on environmentalism. I have read all the previous posts and have seen the emotions that this envokes. I am not interested in the emotional side.

    I simply need some assistance in designing a "organic" program that will compliment our traditional program for customers that have that need. There is a large market for which something like this would be appealing.

    1). Source for "organic" based fertilizer?

    2). Typical program for cool season grasses (bluegrass)?

    3). What traditional compliments are needed to make this practical and realistic for the real world where the customers want and require minimal herbicide and pesticide control?

    Thanks for your help in advance!
  4. Try Greener Pastures at
    The have a range of products and sales support. There is also a company in Boulder Colorado that has designed an organic program. They are at
    The only problem with greener pastures would be lack of locally stocked product. I've never talked to the guys in Boulder to see how they worked that out, but last I knew the were using GP products.
  5. Nebraska

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    Thanks for the reply! Exactly what I was looking for. Take head because the time is coming...

    Those two sites have a wealth of information that will take some time to sort through.

    Adapt with the times or time will erase you!
  6. RoyaleRcr

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    Watch out for Greener Pastures! They are slime!!!! Untruthful and slick. The products they say are organic are not if you know what to look for. That said....Renaisance Fertilizer.....A.J. Hodges.952-417-9220. She is great! and knows her stuff. Also some natural weed and grass killer at biocontrol network. Kim at 800-441-2847. Burnout or Bioganics

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