Organic Pythium Control, Dave?, Anyone ??

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by neiltamc, Jul 29, 2006.

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    2 doses corn, coarse, then fine ground, another next week, 20# /1000, 3 weeks apart.
    3 shots milk, 3 oz /1000, 2 weeks apart.
    organic base fert, low N, memorial day, at suggested rate.
    4.5 tested PH last fall, corrected by heavy lime last fall, 3/4 of suggested ap from test, will retest soon.
    Field Hockey field , 1/2 yellow, or dead, will be tough playing surface for September (2 3/4" cut height, needs to be shorter for actual play, 1 1/2").
    Fought Pyth last 2 yrs w/ fung after field renovated.
    Contractor started fung program to control damping off, seeded in low areas,
    I'm done with fung.
    This is 1st year organic.
    some localized dry spots (dust), under thick tight thatch.
    Soils otherwise moist, not irrigating, rain has been sufficient and timely, 1"+ week apart till now, soil probe easy to 6" plus, cept at dry spots.
    This is just that first year glitch, right?
    give it time? reseed?
    accepting all advice
    Southwest Ct.
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