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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by n2h20, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. n2h20

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    My current version of my site it fairly new, only been up a few months. I am still adding new pages and information as often as i can and have recently added my blog. If i search for myself i do not come up organically only via adwords.

    I try to write content including my keywords... i am a pond company, dealing with everything ponds so my content includes stuff like we build custom ponds, we clean koi ponds, we sell koi plants... etc. What am I missing? is there something on the back end I am missing, something the "bots" are not seeing?
    Like key words, tags, Or do I just need to write better content? Another local pond company just launched their site and show up all over google... and the site is messy and way too busy... Wordpress maybe?
  2. Ben Bowen

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    Just did a quick audit for you:

    What geographic area are you targeting? You need to make it obvious to users and Google. Keep that in mind for the following observations:

    Title tag- Needs help. The home page title: Home|So-Cal Ponds Inc should be something the tells us what you do, where you do it, and maybe then company name. For example: Pond Maintenance in Sunland, CA | So-Cal Ponds Inc

    H1 and H2 tags are non-existent

    Meta keywords don't need to be used at all. If you do, only include 3-4. Yours scream "keyword stuffing".

    I notice you use the non-www version of your site. The www version does not appear to redirect. You may be splitting your link juice between the two versions. Not sure how you can fix that on the back end... but you need to figure it out.

    Do you have Google Webmasters set up? If not, get that going. You will get good suggestion there, plus be able to tell Google what geographic area you are targeting.

    Anyone else have thoughts?
  3. tonygreek

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    I could have sworn I've given the same advice as this, for this site, in the past. Or, I'm losing my mind. lol n2h20, I recall you telling me your web guy was going to be doing a new version/platform of the site. Did that happen or is this what you're going with?

    As Headz points out, it's really all of the basics that need done. Reading the **FREE*** Moz or Google Beginners SEO Guides would be of huge help.

    My quick thoughts...

    - Absolutely address (or have your web guy do it) the www. vs non-www. issue. It involves .htaccess file and Google Webmaster Tools changes.

    - You really need to work on the local aspects of your site, as well as off-site. "Sunland, CA" in the footer, and "SoCal" everywhere else isn't going to cut it. You're in a competitive market and have a built-in, uphill battle for search market share.

    - Current H tags, or lack thereof, give me an indicator of a lack of attention to site focus and keyword implementation. For example, on the home page, they are currently on via the H4 and your pond forum box:
    <H4>: Suzuki x Kageyama Topview Ranchu
    <H4>: Beautiful swimming pool with good Ideas
    <H4>: Armada 2013 video
    <H4>: November Nichirin
    <H4>: Like sardines

    - Meta Descriptions could use tightening/refining.

    - Don't burn calories adding Meta Keywords.

    - Site's code doesn't validate. Seem to be 1 or 2 errors per page.

    - Maybe subjective, but definitely impacts basic usability...the background image is really distracting, especially when trying to read the content on the opaque backgrounds.

    An additional commentary on the mobile'ization of web traffic:

    In 2014, any new site should (read: has to) be mobile-friendly for phones AND tablets. Some of us have posted our mobile numbers, and you probably have between 1 and 3 or 4 of every visitor consuming your site this way (or you will, as you build traffic). I'm currently looking at it on 5 devices, and the only one that doesn't completely lose me is the version I see on my laptop. On my Nexus 5 and iPhone 5, I struggle to make out the menu (and especially the rollovers) and the contact info in the footer is not even possible to read, without doing a lot of pinch 'n scroll work. On my tablets (Kindle Fire HD and iPad Air), it's marginally better, but the footer is still a tough read (beyond your home page, that's the only place your phone number is found, including on your Contact page.). The rendering of the bamboo photo background image, across all of these mobile devices, makes it even more distracting and pronounced.

    Some of these issues come down to asking yourself "What is my web guy really doing for me, and what are his actual capabilities?" In all honesty, he seems to be a couple/few years behind and visual design/usability clearly isn't his thing. If any business should have a great looking site, that really focuses on the photography, it's your's. As it is, everything just gets lost in it.
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  4. n2h20

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    Tony you did check the site before. But this is a very detailed explanation of things to be fixed.
    I appreciate all of your time. I am going to send this to the web guy and make some changes. We were supposed to meet this weekend and discuss redoing the layout of the site but his whole family is sick. He is still planning on redoing the site to be mobile friendly, since this is a "favor" he hasn't found the time. Hopefully soon.
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  5. tonygreek

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    Whew! Glad to know I haven't lost my mind. Couldn't remember the level of detail we went in to, though.

    When it comes to sending this on to your web guy, you might want to leave out that last part. They can be a fickle bunch, especially when deficiencies (perceived or otherwise) are pointed out. lol If you guys need some design pointers, feel free to shoot me a note.

    Best of luck and let us know when you want it looked at again. Headz now lives for this kind of stuff... :dancing:
  6. n2h20

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    Tony, these issues you mentioned... Well p.m. or send me an email
    Dom@ website below.
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  7. rankup

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    Hi All!

    Just a couple suggestions:

    1. I would remove the Pond forum box, its just going to distract customers and potentially take them away from a sale.

    2. Your site needs to be more seamless. Ie Your blog and main site

    3. www/ non www issue is a quick fix

    4. Have you built any backlinks?

    5. Focus on reviews, this will help your Organic Seo

    6. Site Map Link isnt necessary, submit is internally with Google

    7. Google+ isnt linked up correctly to your site
  8. n2h20

    n2h20 LawnSite Senior Member
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    how should it be? the button takes you to my g+ page.
  9. rankup

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  10. Ben Bowen

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    Good catch rankup! Have not seen site builders do that before. Not cool...
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