Organic spot weeding?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by pitbullguy, Apr 27, 2006.

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    Growing, here is some food for thought you were talkin about the few yards that have some crabgrass established. If spreading weeds to other yards are a concern. Schedule your day as to do those yards last, mow around the small areas that have crabgrass, then just go back and weed eat the areas, rake up the seed heads you can and discard them. That way you could avoid acidentally spreading seeds. Don't forget to charge for the extra time it take and make sure to explain that once its gone you will do the same process when you start someone else's lawn to prevent as much as possible bringing seeds to their yard.
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    The problem with that is that you are going to spread the seeds every where on that lawn. and you will always be dealing with it, season after season
    not to mention the trimmer will get some on it ,not a big deal, but some thing to consider. You will never be able to rake them up, the seeds will scatter every where you know?
    you will be raking up just mostly veg.
    I forget how many seeds are estimated on a good size crab grass plant, but it's alot
    and i see your from fl.
    I'll have to read up ,but you guys have different type of crab grass, I think than us up north

    how about this, maybe have a push mower devoted for that purpose instead of the trimmer
    or maybe cut those yards with tons the same day " BUT your still going to keep the problem going till you do something about them first place.

    you might clean the mower with a back pack blower and scrap it with a Spackle knife or what about a presser washer on trailer? I don't know how that would work real world? though.

    I would spray the weeds and stay on top of them and not let them go to seed.
    cause all that other stuff sound like a hassle.
    the push mower with bag might be the way to go as far as if the crabgrass has gone to seed, and its a small area, but larger areas you really cant push them all, It's not practical

    remember if stay on top of the weeds, that means every week you cut look at the lawn, see a weed, spray it or dig it up that way it wont go to seed and there's no chance of contamination, and every day you should change your blades and clean the deck , use a hose and squirt it with water to wash it off if you think there might be weed seeds on it.
    I've seen it so many times ,new lawns really don't get weeds till the mowers start spreading them.

    there's noway it's all blow in , It's the equipment
    study weed germination times and what conditions they favor and you will see.
    crab grass loves hot dry conditions and when do you see them thriving?
    summer drought conditions, they thrive.

    proper practices, proper weed control ,a dense high turf and a properly watered lawn, is key
    also consider what the weeds are telling you, Weeds like dandelion spurge purslane love compacted enviorments.
    look at it this way, its natures way of fixing it's self. These weeds have tap roots. they will try to burrow though the soil to open it up
    nature is amazing isn't' it?

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    Green Guardian is a site sponsor and have their own forum. I have used the 14-0-5 and the 5-0-3 selective, "edible", pesticide free products. I wouldn't classify them as organic (14-0-5 contains urea, the 5-0-3 doesn't have urea), but the 5-0-3 might be. I have got good control over dandelions, plantain, clover and some other common weeds. Ground ivy, wild straewberries and oxalis require additional treatments. We were having issues until we purchased the lawnjet gun with the tk-10 tip from Rittenhouse. Once we bought the gun results improved dramatically, but some like livingsoils have got good results out of a backpack.

    Mark and his company apply the product once a month (generally) on their existing lawns so they get good dieback of weeds and good greenup....Our premise is adding organic matter and soil biology, so applying the product throughout the season is not ideal for us. I'm trying to incorporate a weed buster (3 apps in one month to eliminate 80% of weeds) into our program this season.
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    I checked out their site green g.
    cant figure out what's in their product, does the 14 0 5 have corn gluten meal in it?
    beet juice? or are they using some kind of fatty acid's for suppression?
    seems their program is all about marketing to me.
    and any company that doesn't say whats in their product I don't trust.
    their pest control is just garlic and pepper
    I don't think they are doing anything special.. Cause know matter how you rap it up and present it, as some thing spacial , it is still what it is

    I still need more info on that stuff to come to a final conclusion.
    any other info on that product you guys could give me would be helpful.

    "never all knowing just always growing":weightlifter:
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    I thought so, the corn solubles have to be some kind of corn gluten meal thats sprayable.
    What do you think?
    wondering how do they think thats special? Is it because they can spray it?
    Is that it?
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    what is the urea amount 4%?
    if that's the case I know it was c.g.m
    being its 10% n
    you know just looking at the numbers told the whole story to me
    also i guess you can't seed with that product?
    I pray somebody can really figure out away to to suppress weed effectively besides using cgm
    I have to research some more on beet juice and the fatty acid angle to come to some more conclusions on these products these products
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    oops disregard the the type- o at the end im multitasking right now LOL!
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    I thought you already stated how? Build a system that supports the desired plants (not the weeds), and maintain those plants in a fashion that promotes a competitive advantage to those plants.
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    The Green Guardian products kill existing weeds. CGM does not.

    GG makes a product with beet juice, but that's sold in Canada, not here. Fatty acid angle? Like Scyhte? That would be non-selective.

    Also, you can apply right before seeding.

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