Organic spot weeding?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by pitbullguy, Apr 27, 2006.

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    thanks for the link. green gardien the
    active ingredients are 1% citric acid ...." 1% 2-phenethyl propionat" a flavor additive for food, i think derived from peanuts + it's used as an insecticide in the real world and a insect attractant for Japanese beetles" What about atracting grubs on turf? 1% lauryl sulfate " shampoo" and the label says the corn soluble and molasses" the sticker agent i think?" and urea are the inert ingredients?
    tell me how does that suppress weeds?
    just wondering?
    their natures fed the one with 5/0/3 is just fert to me unless it's spray able cgm. as it says derived from corn solubles and molasses
    their every thing most go has 35% 2-phenethyl propionat and 1%lauryl sulfate
    and 5% garlic that sound more to me like an insecticide.
    but I never have tried it so the jury's still out to me
    You have experience with those? can you please comment on their defectiveness?
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    yes i did but i am trying to find a natural PRE emergent for weeds and a POST emergent for existing weeds that are presant with out using some thing more harmful. cause once you got the yard under control, Then you can start to manege the turf correctly
    and natty i know cgm is NOt a POST emergent but i was trying to explain how that product works by suppressing weeds to begin with
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    food for though. Say you get a new customer and the yard is 6000 sf
    and is filled with ridiculous amounts of grassy and broad leaf weeds.
    and the customer wants to go organic
    But that customer does not have all the money in the world to archive this.
    Do you think they will pay me to dig up all the weeds or completely renovate the yard?
    what then?
    what's your plan?
    you have to manage the property on an individual basis
    ofcource i know what the most natural way is , but in the real world you have to be flexible.

    A IPM approach TONS of weeds, what now?
    the best approach would be to first spray the turf with a selective synthetic herbicide to get it under control then and only then do you have a chance to keep the yard under control and start proper cultural practices to keep it that way.
    remember not every body is rich!
    so you have to have a realistic plan
    and to me that makes sense, cause it's better then the customer saying well i cant afford that and they don't want my service
    cause once I get that yard under control I won't have to use those type of herbicides any more.

    cause it's more economical to pull a few weed by hand then thousands!
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    In your scenario -> limited funds and tons of weeds -> I agree -> round-up the area until the weeds are gone then establish your organic program.

    If time is on your side you could alternatively solarize the area, but that option doesn't usually sit well with most people.
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    As for the products "defectiveness", I think it's time that you buy some and test it yourself. You can only dissect the product so much, and you already have it figured that it doesn't work. So no matter what I say is going to convince you otherwise.
  6. growingdeeprootsorganicly

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    i was just asking your experience. and success
    cause all i hear is endorsements from guys that might have invested interests in it, im not saying it doesnt work? cause really i dont know
    but to waste my money on just some endorsements from few people i would not do that
    I have many other things to buy before that stuff
    but thank for the help
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    1. Read the weeds and/or soil test.
    2. Correct any deficiencies/compaction issues.
    3. Mow often enough to not allow weeds to go to seed.
    4. Prior to seeding your better balanced soil at the best time of year to give the desired grass a competitive edge, scalp (burn carefully if you choose), then seed and insure the new grass is maintained to give it the continual competitive edge culturally.
    Customers with yards full of weeds should not expect miracles, and if they do, pass on them.

    Sorry Matt but I have to disagree with you on the GG product. You have used it a lot more than me so maybe I didn't do something correctly, however, I am not willing to spend another 120+ dollars to "try" something again that may or may not work. IMO
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    One of the downsides to this product is it's biologically active. The formula might stay the same but the biology could react differently and give one drum better results over the other made at the same time. Come to think of it, we did get a drum that looked like a football:nono:. Now, I do agree that this product isn't cheap, and at 120 bucks for a 5 gallon pail it could be too expensive to try for the LCO and the end customer. Now, as a LCO, I'm trying to give my customers a pesticide free or organic option to conventional pesticides. It's expensive and time consuming on my end, but I do have customers that want and pay for it. Until something else comes along this is the way we go.
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    I don't what to beat a dead horse but, can you give me some results
    on the product in question? does it work? and to what degree?
    say you have a full grown dandelion, what effect does it have on it?
    how many times "apps." does it take to provide results?
    or does this product work by suppressing them to begin with. before they get established?
    remember i'm not trying to get into a pissing match with you, it's just seems you thave experience with it and i'm trying to figure it out.
    thanks dude for any help*trucewhiteflag*
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    Sorry deeproots....I sometimes come across as a dick on here. Sometimes it's planned, sometimes not.
    Spraying dandelions, plantain and other broadleaf weeds with large surface area you get shriveled plants in 24 hours. The harder to control weeds (ground ivy, strawberries, and oxalis) need a "weed buster" to eliminate 80%of weeds in 4 weeks (per farm crop extracts). This is where we run into issues because FCE sprays this product throughout the season, while I am using it for one blanket app and a follow up in the spring or fall.
    I think how it works is a gradual burndown. You burn off the leaf matter, the fert pushes turf growth and the grass takes over eventually crowding out the weed. If you leave GG in your sprayer for a few days the product will ferment and turn into an organic roundup similiar to BurnOut.

    Check out this sub forum:

    You will have to sift through it, but I have some pics in there, and I think livingsoils does as well.

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