Organic Supplements Effectiveness

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by lawn2012start, Jan 27, 2013.

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    I agree, this bashing needs to stop. As you will note in your bolded quote above, you bashed the OP by saying he needs to be interested in what YOU feel he needs to be interested in. :hammerhead: Again, you haven't responded to Kiril's points above...interesting... If you have no reason to talk to me, then please stop responding to my posts. Thanks, friend...:laugh:
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    To the OP:

    I added 'humates' to the lawns of an HOA development, that was built on an abondoned coal mining operation,,, and the humates did nothing... therefore the Humates are useless for soils all across the continent...

    I added fish emulsion to dried up lakebeds made into lawns and gardens, but again,,, NO improvement... therefore fish emulsion has nothing to offer any soil within the continental US...

    I even added pulverised rock dust to lawns build on the Kettle Morrain here in Wisco, but it had no affect or showed any improvement whatsoever,,, therefore Rock Dust is worthless...

    If you believe that I'm bashing you,,, then I certainly apologize... my point was simply a point that is common to normal discussion,,, in that questions provide context for basic contextualization of the question being presented...
    Here's another question that may privide some context... : Would CT help my clay covered lawn here on the Morriane??? What if I'm stuck with the Sandy part of Glacial Wash??? Would the results be the same???

    It DOES matter... if everyone wants to believe that it does not matter, and attack me for framing the questions in a CONTEXT,,, then so be it... :)
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    And yet you do it in nearly every post you make.
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    With all due respect , as you likly know a lot about what you are posting...step aside and let others post...sometimes less is better.

    Do no harm
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    He doesn't, therein lies the problem.
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    Just adding more to your list.

    green sand
    coconut coir
    coconut water
    diatomaceous earth
    composted chicken manure
    peat moss
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    I wish some of these people would becomes as beneficial as the microbes they preach about!!!!
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    no problem. just trying to learn.
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    Dear god, please stop using the smiley face emoticon. Completely disingenuous.

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