Organic Treatments!!! Need Advice??


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New to Organics--I live in middle Tennessee--do 6 treatments plus aerate, seed fertilize in Sept. or oct. on lawns
1st treat. feb.---2nd treat. march---3rd treat. april---may 4th treat.----
june 5th treat.---------nov. 6th treat.

do mostly fescue lawns--do ph test in march--
Need advice for what to put down for each treat!!!!!!!!!!1
when to deal with weeds??
I use lots of grains(apfalfa pellets,etc)

Michael--Tenn. Dept. of Agriculture # 1628


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Obviously in the 'organic' sense, you do not have the use of pesticides, esp. unnecessary pesticides...
*Can any of your lawns crowd out CG and other grassy weeds?
*Spot spraying broadleaf with herbicides, as needed, tends to be a 'safe and sensible' compromise at the beginning...
*Growing your turf to maturity is what the idea of [n]"Natural Turfcare"[/b] is all about.