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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Lance L, Sep 14, 2002.

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    ok everyone that does alot of apps. which of the two produces more money...? ive been arguing with my dad for a while about this im not liscensed and i dont do apps i plan on it in the future and he swears up and down that i would make 10 times more being all organic opposed to using chemicals... so any info on this would help me shut him up or tell him hes right and apologize :D

    thanks Lance
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    How about asking your dad to show you what he means by making 10 times as much. Has he read something that says it pays more for being organic and is what he is reading only opinions from some organic magazine without some type of analysis of how it pays more. Let him prove it to you and have him back it up by more than opinions. This shows to him you want to believe him and your waiting for him to tell you how to make more money.
    Also shows you respect his opinion. If he is wrong then be gracious so he knows you respect him even if he is wrong.
    Good way to build father/son relationships.

    I would still get help from others on this site so you can then present your side of the story.

    Good Luck. ;)
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    Hi Lance,
    We do organic and traditional apps. We do make a little mor3e on the organic apps, and I mean a little more. Also with organic apps, you save on pesticides that are part of traditional programs.
    organic fert cost more, but also marked up higher. Average Organic lawn provides about 10-15 % more profit than traditional.

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