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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Having previously worked for an organic (or organic based) company, a lot of the perception of how the lawn looks is up to the customer. There were lawns that I didn't like stopping the truck in front of, and customers would tell me the lawn looked better than ever. Most say they don't want a golf course (I'd like a dollar for how many times I've heard that) and some actually mean it. The hardcore organic people seem to hate clover the most, as the attraction of bees can lead to stings for their barefoot kids.

    As far as weed control Green Guardian and Fiesta are the two main weed controls. I liked GG better, but as it was mentioned earlier, the organics rarely kill the weeds completely. The materials are too expensive to be used in their correct manner, IMO.
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    Wow. Interesting thread and an enlightening post. Sounds like your hands have been tied and you're none to happy. If so, I can understand why.

    I have a license to SPRAY. I made a commitment to my customers to provide them with a green,virtually weed free lawn. To take away my ability to do what I have agreed to do for the customer in a cost effective, responsible manner would make me a little bitter. I'm afraid if I were put in the same situation as you, I would be watching my business die instead of grow....
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    Agriculture and Golf Courses have big time lobbying power and so we are the Easy target. The Tree Huggers are working hard to put you, me and everyone out of business. The more Chemical screw ups or contamination they find adds fuel to their fire. The more Yard Boy misapplying adds fuel to their fire.
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    That sums it up.

    We offer more than lawn services which is keeping us alive, but lawn services used to be lucrative for us until the ban.

    Now the major Lawn Franchises are worth ZERO nobody will buy.

    Lawn Services use 1% of Canadas 2,4-D usage, but the Canadian Cancer Society and David Suzuki says we are saving thousands of lives by banning its use
    There are studies that show Cell Phone use causes Cancer, but the Cancer Soceity ignores that one. No precautionary principle applies there.

    Its great when you guys post pictures of perfect lawns. Its like a dream.
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    Hay Bay

    Maybe part of the reason we hate Canadians is the fact the Liberals are trying to turn us into Canada. This isn't the Political thread so I will stop here.

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