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    Has anyone tried to use organic methods? I can't get fertilzer liscense for this year so I was considering using it to my advantage by marketing myself as organic. Anyone try this as a niche? Used search for finding organic sites but would love any other info that might be worthwhile.
  2. greenflag

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    Messages: 92 I use organic methods, and I know Moonarrow does as well. You can find a list of links on this page. This guy knows his stuff. Just watch out for the "Organaphobes" Ha!

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    In most stated you dont need a license to apply fertilizer. You only need a license to apply pesticides. Check with your state!
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    We use orgainc fertilizer alot because of the result ...but the price is steeper. Plus there is a an organic combination that works just like round-up...pretty cool...though it still hits the pocket book
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    i dont know about you guys, but IPM if that is what you are talking about is a blend of like 4 things. cultural, biological, mechanical? and chemical when all else fails. i dont really think we are ever gonna get away from chemical. ipm works, however if you get a situation that is out of control it just takes way too long to get results from ipm.
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    I was not refering to IPM...there are true organic products
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    I'm marketing organic lawn programs this year. I have already got my first 2. Also, ... well never mind. Better keep this one to myself. :)

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