Organica 4 Step Lawn Care Program

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by 4-Seasons, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Smallaxe

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    Wow, now what happened to this thread!!!

    What are we talking about here???

    Oh, yeah, 4 step programs, are for suckers... Now I remember.
  2. Grohorganic

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    no she does not have facal hair now or ever, but after some injury and other things in her life she is going back to school and needs some time off.

    we have and always will work as a team, but now I will take a more active role in what we do.......
  3. WannaBeOrganic

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    You can't quit a 7 pack... err I mean post a day habit cold turkey. There are serious side effects.
  4. JDUtah

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    It amazes me how fast people can turn bitter to people so helpful as Tree and Phil. So it appears they have to take a different rout in life. Big deal. Be grateful for their contribution thus far and wish them good luck.

    I understand the crap from the pesticide folks (IE Ted) is somewhat deserved though... as she regularly antagonized them...


    4 step program...

    1- evaluate customer expectations
    2- evaluate site needs to maintain those expectations
    3- professionally execute maintenance program
    4- collect a fair rate for your labor AND expertise
  5. WannaBeOrganic

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    Ah, lighten up :) Someone that can kid around about dieing and drawing their tombstone when they get injured and take time off to go to school must have a sense of humor and can handle some ribbing about facial hair.
  6. Smallaxe

    Smallaxe LawnSite Fanatic
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    Now my feelings are hurt 2... Anybody care? :laugh:

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
    from PA
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    did someone fart?????
  8. NattyLawn

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    I don't want to quote Rod, but "Why don't you go back to your own forum!"

    And take WannaBe with you....The "homeowner" got jokes and jokes and jokes...
  9. ted putnam

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    I see you've got your panties in a wad again...what's new?? I was just having a little fun. I thought Lawnsite was supposed to be entertaining as well as informative. TG and I had our disagreements but she knows her stuff and she has a pretty good sense of humor...unlike some folks. She could also have a tone of arrogance at times but also knew how to treat people with some respect no matter who they were or what their background... and then there are those like you that lack that character trait.

    Wannabe was just looking for ways to get his lawn to be "comparable" to others in his neighborhood who are using synthetics without using what he considers to be possibly dangerous or detrimental to his "personal space". In my opinion he deserves a little respect for that. While compost may do a soil good, that's a pretty general statement and he is not so naive as to believe that is all it will take to give the results he would like. He was looking for ideas. He wasn't looking for campaign slogans like "Milk, it does a body good!" or sustainability political agendas to be shoved down his throat. Some in this forum have some great information and ideas. Some are like broken records that spit out the same "one liners" no matter what thread you happen to be reading and of course there's your kind...arrogant a$$holes.
  10. Smallaxe

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    Psycho-analysis of a forum. Avatars - with egos and feelings.
    Sounds like a eulogy for TG that ends with commentary on Kiril.

    What ever happened to a forum of - ideas? Personalities and popularities setting the 'truth' agenda is for politics and TV dramas.
    Gardening, is "Stewardship of other living things", and popular beliefs seldom cut it.

    Super sensitive suckers that get their feelings hurt over this, that, or the other thing, need to get a life. Not too complicated. :)

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