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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by 4-Seasons, Apr 15, 2009.

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    I am considering switching over to organic fertilization because of the demand in my area. Did you ever hear of a organic fertilization company called Natures Lawn & Garden ? They primarily sell spraying products. They are located in Buffalo,NY
    Is spraying alone enough?
  2. phasthound

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    Feel free to check out our website for supplies. :)
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    Getting OM into the soil is necessary for soil structure. With proper soil structure you produce Cation Exchange sites , that are necessary for fertilizers to hang on to. The plants in turn get the nutrient from the CE site.

    These products claim to do that in a similar way to Compost Tea. Evidently digesting OM and building - structure as it goes. Humic acid and kelp are fine additions to any lawn...
    I would think their benefit would reach a point, then plateau, becoming redundant. JMO.

    Leaving the clippings and spraying the digesters may be good enough to build up soil fertility, depending on your soil type.
    You can't go wrong with compost if the soil goes lame on you.
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    The folks who draw up the Organica program ought to think about altering their program somewhat, to better cater to their higher pH patrons.

    For example, what use would the VERY alkaline S. Ohio soils have for either calcium carbonate, or calcium magnesium carbonate?
    The answer: None!

    Frankly, for soils like this that typically shows pH of anywhere between 7.5 to 8.2, a good dose of composted cottonseed meal, maybe intermingled with some sulfur, would be just what the doctor ordered. :)
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    There is nothing easy about rebuilding a soil. Suck it up and spread some compost. :)
  6. WannaBeOrganic

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    No idea where it sells, I just use it. Why are they dirty words in Illinois? I thought in most areas east of the Dakotas soil pH tended to be acidic?

    I guess if it's an issue you can find liquid kelp or kelp meal from other manufacturers. I got the impression the calcium carbonate was added to bulk up the product to make it easier to apply. Especially when it comes to the microbial soil conditioner. I could be wrong though.

    I think their lawn booster fertilizer contains some or all of the bacteria and fungi that are in the microbial soil conditioner. I did some googling on the ingredients a while back and there were some hits on university studies that showed positive results for certain ingredients. I can't remember which ones and under what conditions.

    One of them came up with good results for tomato plants and as a test I sprinkled some around a couple of tomato plants. Those grew the healthiest and had the least amount of leaf wilting (fungus I guess). Don't know if it was the microbial stuff or the calcium. They have a product called Plant Booster Plus which is for shrubs, trees and vegetables which is like the Lawn Booster but different NPK. Similar or same critters though. I'm pretty sure I called to ask if MSC was safe to put around vegetables and they said yes but you might want to confirm that.

    Hard to find around me though. Been calling around to try and find Kelp Booster before summer.
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    Like a duck on a june bug, Kiril begins his spouting off on lawnsite again like a b**ch whenever a so-called (ahem...) "non-sustainable" organic practice is even mentioned.

    Honestly, you need to go out & find a real life, Kiril
    Live & let live!
    You are obviously obsessed with trying to control other people's actions.
    STOP IT! :nono:
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    Yes, you are sooooo right Marcos. Options are evil! Compost is evil!
    What crawled up your ass? Be a good boy and run off to work now.
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    I thought so too... I did a cleanup for an Illannoyance at a local cottage, one spring... then afterwards she was thinking about growing grass... My strategy included Lime and she went bonkers... never heard from her again...

    Later I found out that - parts of Illinois are high pH to the point of frustration. So she must have thought I hadn't a clue...
  10. Marcos

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    Yeah, Kiril.
    At least a lot of folks here in Ohio still go to work.
    Unlike the 'wanna-be-green', sorry-@&& Californians like YOU who laze around in front of their computer screens logging an average of 75-80 lawnsite posts per week! :laugh:

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