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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by 4-Seasons, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. WannaBeOrganic

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    All I have to say is: 10
  2. Marcos

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    Nice post, WBO! Hilarious! :)
    Ya miss a few days of lawnsite, ya miss a lot.

    I think what all this boils down to is that Kiril is perfectly content with a much lower bar of expectation than the average Joe or Jane Homeowner.
    And again, like I've stated before, the geographic differences are vast.
    Taken as a whole, people are altogether different in the Midwest, as compared to the left coast:dizzy:.
    All points regarding 'sustainability' pushed to the rear for a moment, Californians are generally farther away from grain and/or wheat belts, so if meals aren't cost-effective there, what would be the incentive for them to use CGM, corn meal, soybean meal, etc?
    Maybe kelp meal would work there, if it can be processed efficiently & cleanly enough.
    Fish meal, if they can tolerate the stench! :cry:

    In any good marketing program, you'd better have at least a little bit of 'sway'...a.k.a 'options' in the program.
    It doesn't matter if the prospect is young or old, male or female, liberal or conservative, black, white, green or purple.....they want options to choose from.

    Kiril is a one-man-band out there trying to persuade customers into 'his' corner.
    A VERY LONELY corner containing only the servicing of compost topdressing.
    That's business recipe #1 for leaving lots o' unsigned contracts & unshaken hands.
    So in this way too, his bar of expectations is low, whether he fully realizes it or not.
  3. WannaBeOrganic

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    You're right about attitudes varying by region and demographics.

    I can see how a lawn might be more offensive in areas where it would need irrigation to survive but that's not the climate I live in.

    Your approach sounds good and is applicable to many types of businesses. What I feel works best is to start out by telling the client what they need. They're not paying just for your labor, they're paying for your expertise in most cases. Then give them options that they can choose from in terms they can understand. Which sounds like what you do.

    Customers like to have some control but when they ask you what you're going to do for their lawn you can't just say "I don't know... what do you want me to do?" :) If they knew what to do they'd probably just do it themselves.
  4. Kiril

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    Don't confused realistic with low Marcos. As you like to put it, I prefer to live in the real world, not one little corner of it.

    Funny Marcos ..... never had ever 1 client balk at compost .... EVER! Guess my clients trust me to make the correct management decisions for their land. You know what else .... I've saved them ALOT of money too. Guess a healthy landscape with low inputs and low economic impact on the owner are not appealing to people in your little corner of the world.
  5. phasthound

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    C'mon guys! Don't stop now! Post #200 is within reach. :)
  6. Rayholio

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    Y'know... I would be interested in seeing some pics of your lawns Kiril... Not for the sake of THIS debate.. but because I'm interested in seeing the capabilities of a 'mostly' compost oriented service plan..
  7. Kiril

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    Already posted the only lawn I am completely responsible for servicing & maintaining.

  8. Rayholio

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    THat's some great looking grass!.. No weeds.. good color.

    Is it an optical illusion, or part of the variety? up close it looks like the blades are pretty far apart.. also sort hard to tell with low res pic.. but it looks like the home owners blades need to be sharpened.. the grass has brown crowns..
  9. Kiril

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    Here ya go .... all the above answered
  10. JDUtah

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    oops, mispost, mods please delete

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