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    I know this is an old thread, but arsenic IS NOT organic as others have stated. It is INORGANIC as they come, being an elemental heavy metal. Nothing organic about it.

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    Try Organica.Com I have spoke with representatives from this company and seem to a 100% organic bases company with newer technoligy. I use miulorganite for organic apps and also
    use an organic compost that is spreadable called Nutriganics.
    Try Nutriganics.Com
    Combination of orgainic and synthetic should not be out ruled.
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    In hindsight, I'm don't know much about arsenic.

    But the point of the thread is organic lawn care.

    I picked up a complementary copy of this months issue of
    North Carolina Turfgrass magazine
    (a publication of the Turfgrass Council of NC)

    There is an article that addresses the TREND toward more natural landscaping and lawn care
    The sources for this article are "NaturaLawn" and USDA

    Maybe someone can find us a link....

    Just noticed the author is President of NaturaLawn
    Here's their link
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