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  1. Dave,<p>Do you use gasoline powered mowers?<p>If so you are causing harm to the planet.<p>If you want to a good citizen of the planet<br>you will need to buy a used 19th century mower from the old order Amish<br>and pull that unit with sled dogs.<p>If you want to go one step further you can<br>catheterize your huskies collect the dog<br>urine then delute with water then spray<br>the urea with a backpack sprayer (non-powered<br>of course).
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    you know those amish don't have a bad life and most have better lawns than most city slickers just kidin you do have to draw the line but you have to admit there is a market for this stuff <br>
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    Just a quick note,<br>FIFRA, Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (amended 1972) all persons applying pesticides for hire be certified and licensed.<br>In addition, persons applying any treatment to turf for compensation INCLUDING FETILIZERS, are subject to the Lawn Care Products Application and Notice Act. This law requiers posting of treated lawns, and notification of persons who may be adversly affected by the application, IN ADDITION THE ACT REQUIRES THAT PERSONS APPLYING LAWN CARE PRODUCTS BE CERTIFIED AND LICENSED.<br><p>----------<br>paul<br>
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    Just wanted to share an article on some of the cons of chemical applications versus organics. I just want to let the licensed guys in this forum know that I don't judge all applicators to be like the ones in the article or of the &quot;Chem Lawn&quot; chains. I happen to refer all chemical fertilizing requests to an independant licensed applicator in my area. I along with the hundreds of customers in this area are disgusted with our local chem chain due to their ignorance in applying apps and business practices. I wish they had the professionalism that many of you show here on this forum.

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