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  1. jettabug

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    :blob3: Ever think of running an organic landscape co.
    I have often thought of turning my co organic. There are many organic supply companys, I know that it may take a while to get the word out but I feel that a lot of customers may jump on the boat. I am looking for an aspect to make my buisness stand above the rest in todays environmentally conscious society. Any thoughts on this? Do any of you use organic fertilizers?
  2. Nebraska

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    Just started offering it this year. Using it on my own property too.
  3. Kent Lawns

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    We offer both.

    Organics from a natural source are more expensive, but have their advantages.

    Most fertilizers are organic from a man-made source.
  4. tpl

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    I incorporate organic in my eight app program. It allows for me to get the extra two apps from the norm in Nashville. When it come time to seed, i put down organics before and after the seeding. Works great! My customers are happy because they feel they are doing something for our environment. Though, I will not offer a full line-up of organic programs. I never found it to work as good as chemicals.
  5. Eirik

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    I Fert 65 out of my 72 accounts with a blood meal and cottonseed meal mix (18-5-2) The other seven I use synthetic fert by request... these 7 accounts get more pest and fungus problems annually than the other 65 combined. (not that I mind, more $)

    I use mirage, round up, etc in the beds, and spray for broad leafs in the lawns.

    I still need to get paid...

    And lets face it you cannot go to customers and say "you are going to have twice as many weeds, and it is going to cost you twice as much."

    I switched to organic fert a year and a half ago after seeing the results over the course of a growing season.

    I was paying 11 bucks for a 50# bag of chem fert (ferting some accounts 4-5 times a year) Now 13 bucks a bag twice a year, maybe.

    Fert the soil not the plant.
  6. KirbysLawn

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    Try selling it first, I sell Sustaine apps and it's not cheap, the lawns treated with Sustaine look great but I could not make a living selling it, it cost too much.
  7. If you use strictly natural organic fert, you apply too much p2o5 and not enough potash!
    Feed the soil first!!

    Use a combination of natural organic fert and sythetic fertt.
  8. mowerparts

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    I use Insure For Lawns Organic products. So far the results have been great. All organic and no chemicals. They even have a product that kills weeds in beds or lawns.:blob4:
  9. Grassmechanic

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    Plants and lakes cannot tell the difference between different sources of nutrients. Nitrogen is nitrogen, phosphorus is phosphorus and potash is potash, not matter what the source. That being said, I offer both to those that think they are doing the environment a favor.

  10. Randy J

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    Mike, I'm no chemist, but there has to be a difference between organic, and man made fertilizers. Organic fertilizers offer slower release and less potential for burn. Anytime you return naturally occuring components to the soil I would have to think that's better than man made chemicals.
    I know they cost considerably more, but over a period of time they outperform conventionals, with less potential for damage. I understand the higher cost of synthetics may not sell in all areas, but I think anyone who turns their nose up at them is going to miss out. Educate customers on why they're more expensive, and many customers will be willing to pay for them. Especially in a field as competitive as lawn care, anything you can do to seperate yourself from the masses is to your benefit.
    Just my thoughts anyway.


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