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Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by woodlawnservice, Jan 5, 2019.

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    How the heck do I keep these things
    organized? Totes? That's what I use now and seperate by size... I'm trying to eliminate most of my stock but I hate having Bucket full of fittings... what some tricks?
  2. Outlawn

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    My trailer has cargo shelves built into one side so I use them to keep stuff somewhat organized. Top shelf is 1/2” and 3/4”, middle is 1”, and bottom is 1 1/4” and up. Everything is in smaller boxes or plastic bins. Some stuff is just the cases of fittings with the lid cut off and the part written real big on the side, some fittings are mixed (for stuff I don’t stock or use as much of), and some stuff is just in little baggies cause I bought 6 from the parts house and only needs 1.
    1” has its own dedicated bin cause I use it more than anything else. 1 1/4” Is all in one box and 1 1/2” and up are in another box.

    Flow spans have their own shelf that is shared with valves.
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    Funny this topic would come up in the midst of my ' Inventory' thread And Rhettman's 'nozzle briefcase' thread. It seems to most- organization isn't that big of a deal . I see this also with other techs from the company I work for. I personally believe this is key to being efficient .

    I guess ultimately it depends on what kind of truck setup you currently have and what kind of business setup you have.

    In Rhettman's thread you can see a good variety of options about stocking parts. From Nozzles, Drip- 1/4-1/2" , 1/2/-3/4" nipples /couplers .. pvc fittings, brass fittings ect ect. You can make shift bins /totes for larger parts

    Unless you want to invest bigtime into a setup that may not fully suit your needs, you might want to think outside the box to customize it.
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    I did see the nozzle briefcase idea and love it! I will be doing this soon... for myself I do not do irrigation solely so that means no dedicated truck or trailer for it... it double with my landscaping so efficiency and thinking outside the box is a must. I currently am in the midst of organizing our shop/ trucks and trailers. I purchased some "medium " sized totes for now and have them separated into sizes. I know this will be more efficient than I have done in the past . Just curious to see what everyone does.
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    u wana buy the most awesome mowing trailer known to man?
    (NOT hawking stuff here, but my mowing trailer takes up my space i need for more parts) mowing game wasnt for me.
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    Well I do 0 mowing anymore... I transitioned out of out and do solely landscaping,spraying and irritation...
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    I have struggled with this for years but have came up with a decent idea that works for me. I use milk crates and yard signs. I cut the yard signs and form an X in the crate so I can have 4 separate compartments inside the crate for storage. Crates are easy to carry and they can stack.
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    Well I did some shopping.. bought a couple of the dewalt metal latch organization trays for nozzles. I bought some HD 5 gal small stackable plastic totes for fittings.... then bought a couple larger ones for spray heads... separated by sizes ( fittings) . We will see how this works.. has to be better than buckets! This pic is before I went back and bought the bigger matching totes

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