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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Differential, May 1, 2010.

  1. Differential

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    I'm working out of the back of my truck right now. I have a Dodge Ram Quad Cab. Currently, I carry my tools, small items, the cab.

    In the bed, I've got my mower, ramps, trimmer, edger, gas cans, etc...Everyting seems to work very well, but I'm concerned about my handhelds getting beat up. Does anyone know if there's a good rack or cases to put my handhelds in to protect them?
  2. Hubbard's Landscape

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    I built racks on my trucka nd trailer using power strut, you can get it at an electrical suppl store also called unistrut but power strut is half the price. It's Steel bars with holes in it you can build almost anything with it and bolt it right to your truck paint it and it looks pretty good too
  3. 44DCNF

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    Check out GridIron racks. I think they were a sponsor here, maybe still are. They are adjustable to fit many situations and work well on truck bedsides. They can be switched over to a trailer easily if/when you get one.
  4. Richard Martin

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    Greentouch has a truck rail system. Very cool. They also have the most secure locking system that I've seen. Racks from companies like TrimmerTrap are so easy to defeat it's not funny. I use TrimmerTrap but if I ever have to replace the trimmer racks I'll probably get the GreenTouch.

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