Orlando Area Exmark Dealer Recommendation?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by 32837, Jul 2, 2011.

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    Not sure that I would agree with that...maybe on the exmark stuff....but I have visited them twice during the WINTER looking for better deals on mowers. This year when I was there they had the Big Dog mowers made by Hustler/Excel at a higher price than what I could pick up a Hustler at other dealers, they were not willing to come to more realistic prices. They do not seem to get to fired up about getting right over to help you either the couple of times I have been there. Since they carry Shini I went to price some parts for my eb630, the guy behind the counter acted like I was asking him to pull his toenails when I was asking for the price of parts. I understand that a back pack pad and some other simple things are not going to help him make record breaking sales...but hell money is mony. Sounds like you have had a difference experience with them?
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    No actually that is the exact same service I received when I went there. I had a worse experience with the guys at Landscape supply just trying to buy SOD from them. They used to be the only place I'd go in Orlando but since the owner called my partner a liar regarding a price we were quoted by one of his salesmen on 16 pallets of Floratam I wont go back. Even once we produced the estimate in writing he failed to apologize and make hold true to the quote given.. It was a matter of Normal price $101 per pallet x quoted price $99 per pallet.. Anyway.. No, "the Mower Shop" on Goldenrod isn't much better but I have found you can barter a little more with the guys there on price.. They deff have their off days where they don't care to help you one bit but there are only a few dealers in the area to work with..

    On a side note, the BEST dealer I have found in the East Orlando area is Eastside Mower on SR50 out towards Bithlo... EXCELLENT team there, family owned and operated. Prices are EXTREMELY fair and will help you with any problems regardless of make, model, age, etc. They are Stihl and Toro dealers but hopefully with some persuasion from the lawn mowing community will move to Exmark.. For any repair work they charge $25 to look it over and get you an estimate on a fix. And then the $25 goes toward your repair charge. They charge a $1 a minute but I've never had a bill over $100 from them including parts. They found an aftermarket carb that fits the Stihl machines for half the price.. cant beat that!
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    East side is good . I didn't even think of them as I consider them in the Oviedo area not Orlando. The owners/family is outstanding on customer service. I went there over a couple times over this past winter. Good folks. If I were to leave my current dealer I would most likely change over to them.

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