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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ksJoe, Feb 16, 2009.

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    I've got bermuda coming up in my fescue. From what I've read it sounds like Ornamec is the best thing for a DIY'er to use on it. This spring I'm planning on overseeding the thin spots, and starting to fight the bermuda with ornamec. But I'm not sure what order to do it in...

    The affected area is around 4,000 - to 5,000 sq feet. Most of that only has a little bermuda. A couple hundred sq feet of it is almost entirely bermuda. As I understand it, the ornamec will stress the fescue. So it shouldn't be done on newly planted fescue, right?

    Also, how concerned should I be using it near an herb garden? I can cover the herbs with a tarp to prevent overspray, but is it leaching through the ground also a concern?

    I'm in the Wichita Ks area.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    i have never used it, but i hope someone can help on here. bump for you
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    correct on stressing the fescue. It will definitely hurt it even for the healthiest growing fescue.

    If you only have spots of bermuda, try spot spraying. IF it's 50/50 or worse to the bermuda side, I'd hit it with full strenght Ornamec/Fusilade (same AI I think) in the fall, then hit it again with Ornamec and roundup. Till the soil, replant.

    Other than waiting until the fall, you might try very light doses of Ornamec once the fescue comes in and thickens up.

    Keep in mind- no sense spraying Ornamec until the Bermuda is actively growing, by that time the fescue should be at it's peak.
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  5. ksJoe

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    Thanks for the link!

    I've been searching (here, google, etc) and hadn't found a timeline.

    I read somewhere that ornamec shouldn't be applied to fescue when daily highs are 85 (F) or above.

    So I think my plan for spring should be:
    Overseed, fertilize, & water well (hoping to get the fescue up quickly).
    Wait for the new fescue to grow, and bermuda to come out of dormancy (I read somewhere 4-8" runners).
    Hopefully this is before the temps are 85, and apply ornamec @ 1/2 the label rate.

    Does that sound right?
    At what point is the fescue probably safe for ornamec? (mowed once, twice, ?)

  6. heybruck34

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    just wait for the Bermuda to green up and be actively growing. Then hit it. Use the 1/2 the label rate for control in fescue which is something ridiculously low like 1/10 oz per gallon or something.

    Daily highs of 85 wouldn't scare me that much if it's raining and cool at night. When it's drier than hell and has been 95 for the past month, 85 scares me.

    You just need to use your judgement. It's just grass- not that difficult. IF you screw up and kill the fescue, just kill the Bermuda and leave it dead all summer. Least it's not spreading. Then till and reseed in the fall- end of your problem.
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    We use ornamec to kill bermuda out of fescue.. Follow the label EXACLTY on this one.. It can hurt your fescue... on the other side of things, too light of an app won't do much to the bermuda.. so as I say... apply exactly at the rates, and timing indicated on the label with this one..
  8. Rayholio

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    Ormamec can vaporize in direct sunlight on hot days, and kill everything it touches... my advice would be to spray it at dusk on extra hot days. Of course water well, as heat stressed fescue probably won't survive the 'double wammy' from ornamec AND the sun..

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