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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Classified, Jul 8, 2008.

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    I have a few major weed problems at a some of my commercial properties that I maintain. I think in the past, the weeds were just wacked down with a trimmer in the mulch beds but I was wanting to actually kill the weeds. I have pulled a few pickup loads worth of these weeds by hand and they keep coming back. I am getting the roots as well. I have also been spraying Momentum on them which works awesome for that specific weed but not the 5 others that will likely pop up arund it. The areas are mostly mulch only with a few bushes.

    So my question is, I need some sort of blanket app weed killer that I can put down in the mulch beds that will last awhile. I prefer it to be granular but will do anything to get rid of these weeds. I have almost gone through a gallon of momentum concentrate which takes only 3 OZ to make a gallon.

    Thanks for help
  2. Runner

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    Gly and oryzalin.
  3. greendoctor

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    If it is lots of BL, I like Ronstar Flo and Scythe directed under the shrubs. Surflan(oryzalin) is not that strong on broadleaves. It is very active on grasses. If you have cool season turf in the area, the bed done with Surflnn will not have much encroachment. I have tank mixed Ronstar and Surflan for difficult to control sites with high weed pressure. Works well for me, remember I have a 12 month growing season and everything I maintain has irrigation. I do not like RoundUp, much less Three-Way around shrubs and perennials. The fewer times I must do one of those around valuable ornamentals the better.
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    We use a combination of a couple of things. We roundup everything and then put preen down for us it works really well and is very inexpensive.
  5. Runner

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    I am confused by this statement, as Surflan will have no effect on broadleafs at all, much less not be that strong on them. It is not a post emergent herbicide, it is a pre-emergent preventative. It does nothing at all to existing broadleaf weeds.
  6. greendoctor

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    My experience with Surflan applied as a preemergent, is that it allows some broadleaves to break through. I know it has no postemergent activity. The Ronstar Flo acts like a contact herbicide on many broadleaves and grassy weeds. I warranty my work if it is a one time job. My monthly maintenence fees are based on what is costs to gain control of a horrendous situation and keep it from reverting to that. Either way, weed breakthrough after a preemergent application is something I eat the cost of. I also like Gallery with Surflan if I have the opportunity to treat the site before weeds have emerged. Then I broadcast treat right over the top of the bed.

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