Ornamental grasses Boston mass.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by leeslawncare, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. leeslawncare

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    What kind of ornamental grasses will grow in boston?i have a relative up there an she asked me .Well it being out of my area ,thought i would come to you guys for some answers.Thanks:confused:
  2. lbmd1

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    There are many varieties that can be used here. Most Miscanthus, Pennisetum, and Panicum varieties will work in our climate. I have experimanted with some black fountain grass from warmer zones and it does quite well also. Go to www.ecgrowers.com They sell ornamental grass plugs and have an extensive selection with almost every variety listed there with their zone classes on where they will grow. Basically, the most popular and beautiful grasses are in the categories above and are safe for the New England region. I'm from the Boston area originally, now a half hour north in NH.

  3. leeslawncare

    leeslawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    thanks for the info mike .sorry moderator,alway come to the commercial section my bad!
  4. devildog

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    Several of the sedges from the Carex family will grow there. Also miscanthus - yaka jima and panicum - switch grass.

    Mike is dead on target, call emerald coast @ 877-804-7277 (ask for Cheri), they send out flats daily. with regards... devildog
  5. leeslawncare

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    does any one else have any suggestions on plants that will grow in that zone?
  6. One Degree

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    If Boston is in Zone 4-5 then you might look at the following: Switch Grasses, Jap. Sweet Flag, Karl Forester Feather Reed Grass, Elijah Blue Fescue, Sapphire Blue Oat Grass, Blue Dune Lyme Grass, Porcupine Maiden Grass, and Jap. Silver Grass. If Boston is below zone 4 than these might serve as annuals or most grasses possibly could be used as annuals in your area.

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