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I wanted some triclopyr to experiment with. Got some "Ortho Chickweed, Clover , Oxalis killer".
It is labeled "concentrate", 16 ounces. It contains 8 percent triclopyr.

These are the directions from Domyown:

I thought it was a difficult to use product due to the label.
" Covers 3200 sqft".
The directions are difficult to read--fine print in booklet stuck to the front.

"1 fl oz per gallon of water over 200 sqft
* See label for complete application instructions"

After a bit of thought--I realized the rate is 5 ounces per 1000 sqft.

The directions on the bottle say something like set your "Dial N Spray " to 1.
Then it says to use a tank sprayer for spot spray--but it does not say how to mix it--except for the above 1 oz per gallon covering 200 sqft.

I guess, that is where we come in. We hopefully understand how to use our products.


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I wouldnt want to give advice without reading your label but it is typical to use the same mix ratio (for the targeted pest) and spot spray. Forget the coverage for the most part. If you dont think you have 200 Sq. ft. of spots combined, mix a smaller quantity at same ratio. Hope that helps.
Small to read print can be photographed by your phone for easier reading. I put many of my labels in my photo files.

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