OSHA safety manual- is this required?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by peeklandscaping, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. chefj

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    I received my "compliance" letter in a nice official looking envelope today. just a bunch of BS.
  2. PicturePerfectLawns

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    Part of the game. I received a call today to give an estimate to a location that was for sale and the real estate agent had no clue of why I was there when I called her. :nono:
  3. greendoctor

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    Unless part of your scope of work includes heavy construction, lumber milling or any other specified trade or industry, this is a scam. Hopefully you are also not handling a list of 100 or so industrial reagents that are normally not seen outside of chemical manufacturing. I had to look at that part to see if any common lawn chemicals were on that list.
  4. mclarke

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    Hey Peek, in case it is not, just write your own safety manual. Do it in Word and make it into a PDF. That should satisfy

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