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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MOWITALL, Dec 14, 2009.


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    I get a call this morning and this guy is telling me how I need to display OSHA signs at my office in order to in compliance with the labor laws. Then I give him my address and he says he will send them. Then he tells me the price... $100.00. For a piece of laminated paper. I told him i am not buying the **** and they can come arrest me.

    Has anyone else heard of this non-sense?
  2. unkownfl

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    Its free from most places. I don;t think you need one if you are self employed.
  3. mnms0562000

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    Its a scam. They'll sell you something (signs, tools, office supplies, etc) in hopes that you'll use it, then they send you a bill. Since you opened it, used it, whatever; you gotta pay.

    Office max has those signs. Under 10 dollars i believe.
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    LMAO..... I cant belive you fell for it, Any time someone calls you trying to sell you ANYTHING ask to speak to a Manager, rather DEMAND IT....

    Get ALL the information you can, NAME BOTH 1st and LAST, Employee number, Phone ext. and inform them if they ever call you again you WILL SUE, and your Just the man that WILL DO IT...

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