Oshio Has an MR16 LED lamp

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by NightLightingFX, Sep 21, 2008.

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    I saw them at Light Fair and as I recall the Kumho had better color, but was also better than most of the others on display.
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    Curious--when they specify fully dim-able, are they also saying there will be a variance in lumens at different voltages?

    I think that would be a bad thing. You can't chain like crazy to take advantage of the technology.

    Also, spec's only indicate 4 watts at 12v. They don't mention the voltage range.
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    do a search Ned, I already posted a Side X Side comparison between the Ushio, Kumho, and Halogen lamps. If you cant find it I can email some pics to you. The Kumho to me was better in both color, output, and pricing. These were introduced at Lightfair this year.
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    Ned, the Kumho Luxxo LED MR16 is the better lamp for a variety of reasons:

    1: Optics. The 60 Degree beam spread is flawless with no aberrations in the beam at all. The 38 Degree beam spread is still on it's way as they work to perfect it's optics.

    2: Colour. The warm white Luxxo Lamp is very close to Halogen at 3100K and they lamps are all binned during production so you won't see any differences between lamps in the same shipment.

    3: This is the biggy... POWER MANAGEMENT. The Luxxo lamp uses a proprietary stepped power management circuit. This enables it to operate at much cooler temperatures then other LED lamps like the Ushio and as you know by now, heat is the killer of these types of power LED lamps. As a result, the Luxxo is not dimmable (they are working on it). The reason that the Ushio is dimmable is that they are using a linear power management circuit and I can guarantee you that as a result the operating temp. of the LED engines on the Ushio will be much higher. The Luxxo LED MR16 operates well below Nichia's 65c rating for the engines even when installed in an enclosed fixture.

    4: Cost. Based on what I have found you will not beat the NET price that I can offer you on these lamps. MRSP is $55 on the Luxxo and contractors and trades see an even lower NET price when dealing with a distributor like LED Lights Direct. I think you will find the Ushio lamp is almost twice the price.

    5: Transformer Compatibility: the Luxxo LED MR16 lamp is the only lamp that comes in configurations for both Magnetic transformers (MT series) and Electronic Transformers (ET Series). Read the compatibility info on the Ushio product and you will find out that the warranty is immediately void if you connect that lamp to an Electronic Transformer. (this affects your planned use in the civic project in a big way Ned.)

    There are hundreds of LED MR16 lamps on the market today... I know as I have tested most of them first hand. So far, the ONLY one I will put my name on is the Luxxo LED MR16 from Kumho Electric. It really is the best of the best.

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