OSU Sports Field Renovation study - slit seeding vs broadcast

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Blade Runners, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Blade Runners

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    Here is an interesting study done by OSU concerning sports field renovation. They compared slit seeding to broadcast seeding and then rolling with a machine outfitted with 400 footbal cleats to simulate heavy traffic. Here is the link with the full write-up: Overseeding Methods - OSU Sports Field Renovation Study Thoughts, input?
  2. foreplease

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    Definitely interesting. Thanks for posting this. Their start date is almost identical to a football field I overseeded this year. Seed matters. Interesting that no KBGs were part of this test. For the first time I used a mix with Pantera annual rye this year and am very happy with results. There is a lengthy thread in Sports Field Forum if anyone is interested.

    I can believe slit seeding plus cleating was overkill. I sliced, seeded, then topdressed in August. A couple times during the year I broadcast seed on sidelines and heaviest wear areas before games and kods cleated it in. It kept up pretty well.

    I would like to see OSU's test extended to include some KBG in mix, use the wear machine when field is too wet to sensibly be out there (mimic real world conditions), and to test each variable side by side with each one topdressed. I am not writing them any checks though and seed companies probably did :)

    Overall it seems they tested rather narrowly for something nobody would probably go to as their first choice: start with 100% PRG and use 7#/M more seed every week. That is a bunch of seed, around 400# every week to do all the in-bounds area of a football field.
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    That 'cleated' roller is exactly what I've been looking for and thinking of manufacturing myself... In agriculture we have a grain drill and a culti-packer... the culti-packer is composed of smooth and cogged rolling discs doing so much more than a barrel roller...

    What they have duplicated in this little experiment is, the use of,, a huge 'Grass Stitcher' and I want one... :)
  4. Smallaxe

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    One serious point is,,, Does anyone know of a lawn roller such as they describe, with the cleats... There's was probably specially made ,,, but if there is something similar out there like it,,, I could use one for dormant seeding right now...
    I don't even know where to begin with a web-search... any help would be appreciated... :)
  5. foreplease

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    Try searching for "Brinkman Traffic Simulator"
  6. 32vld

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    Why not aerate and broadcast seed?

    That cleat roller is just shallow aerating to me.
  7. Smallaxe

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    Thanks for the tip,,, but all I got was people talking about using it, not dealers/supply stores having one...

    Maybe as 32vld, suggested,,, I might run around with the 'spike aerator' and poke a bunch of holes on the ground with that thing'... spike aerators , plus tractors create so much compaction though, I may not do that either... hard to say what would be best for Dormant Seeding... :)
  8. RigglePLC

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    New seed test. I sowed seed on a bare soil patch with no preparation. Secondly, "raking" --actually used a hand cultivator on the soil to about a half-inch deep and third, seed raked-in--used hand cultivator after the seed was sown. Dull--but I couldn't think of any new ideas to try this week. In an overseed situation...I was going to use football cleats as a test...but I don't have any. Could use a hammer to simulate traffic, I suppose. However, after 6 weeks...how do you tell the new grass from the old grass?

    Also applied fertilizer Lesco 26-0-8 at regular rate, double and triple in separate adjacent strips. Weather cooling off, light frost, and day temps about 50.
    Stay tuned.
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  9. foreplease

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    Do you have any PennMulch, Riggle? That would make an interesting side-by-side. I am a big believer in it but it is not practical (expensive) for large areas. I have used it where I need to establish edges quickly that then need to be trimmed out, such as around the edge of an infield or pitcher's mound. Also good for areas that are not flat and around sprinklers in newly established lawns.

    We had out first frost this morning, which is late for our area.
  10. 32vld

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    I do not advocate spike aerating. Core aerate or stay home.

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