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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by maui8, Dec 10, 2005.

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    ive been contemplating hard and talking to my wife about this part time business plan of mine in lawnmowing. well, it didnt go to well. she also has me thinking about other ventures that dont require being on 'scedule' etc...

    so my question is other than mowing, how are these following services and how much can one charge?

    1. mulching? ive been reading people can charge anywhere from 40-70 cents per yard? one can also charge a fee for delivery as well.

    2. small - med sized trees and shrubs planting services. how much would one charge for a service like this? since i know absolute 0 about this service, im sure startup would be far cheaper than a nice ride on 34inch mower/blower/trimmer/edger/ etc... would you just need that new tanaka auger, some shovels, trailer, etc...? i think lawnsite should have a forum for this subject. where does also one purchase shrubs and trees? local nurseries at a discount rate? home depot?

    i could also do small shrub and small tree removal (but what is considered small tree removal).

    thanks for the suggestions.
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    You might contact one of the full time mowing services and see if they would be interested in sub work to you. During some of the season we don't really want to plant bushes and trees nor do we want to be weeding beds and doing general cleanup. We do those only for our customers and turn all the rest down. Can yuu make money doing this..of course.

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    Cutting and trimming is a full time job if you have the work.

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