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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mdb landscaping, Nov 9, 2001.

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    i posted about this a little while ago, about other contractors being in your way, but now that its fall, the LCO's have more equipment on the streets blocking houses. i pulled onto one street to go do 2 clean ups, and another LCO who has like 5 houses in the neighborhood, had 8 trucks with trailers and sucker truck on the street. they were in the way so i just left. not to mention the wind is 42 mph today. cant get much accomplished. do you park and work around their trucks, or come back later? is there a sort of LCO code, as to where you should park your truck to be curtious to other LCO's? thanks. matt
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    If there is another company who is not doing work at your clients homw and has their vehicles parked there I would first ask them if they could jockey spots with you so you could pull in. If this didnt work I would try the clients drive if its possible.

    Most guys in our area even if they have several vehicles will move so you can get into your clients home. Or at least tell you theyre out in 5.

    I wouldnt think with those kinds of winds that you would be doing much bed work anyway -LOL!!! Pretty much left to bagging the turf areas and heading on down the road, unfortunately. It has been known to be the perverbial thorn in ones side.

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    ...another plus for leaf mulching...wind didnt bother me today in the least...
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    Fortunately I haven't ran into that problem so far. I was mulching one customer this year and the cutter just wondered when I would be done so he could cut, he was cool about it and just came back later. That's really the only encounter I ever had. Most areas out here are big enough that we have plenty of room.
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    I've never had any problems either. Anytime I pull up and another LCO is around it ends up being a race. Lazers hard to beat by a w/b;) .
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    So YOUR the one!!!

    (time to let the air out of his tires)

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