Other than this it was a good day!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Blessed 1, Sep 12, 2002.

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    Just a tid bit of what happened to me yesterday. I left the switch on my Z Master on (Thank God the hr meter did not continue to run) and when I went to back off of the trailer the battery was dead. So I decided to remove the battery from my Craftsman to start the Toro. The only problem was I needed to back the Toro (1000 lbs) off the trailer to back the Craftsman up to open the hood. The only problem with that was the Toro had slid too close to the wall to move manually. To make a long story short I ended up going back home to get my jumper cables unhooking the trailer, backing up, turning around (battery on wrong side), jumping the Z, hooking back up to the trailer (forgot to do this one time-thats another thread), then when I went to back off the trailer I hade no hrdraulics. I forgot that when I was attempting to move it manually I opened the by pass valves. Needless to say I came to the conclusion of two things. 1: have a set of jumper cables as well as other tools. 2: I should not substitute cutting on Wed. evenings. Its Bible study time!:D :D :D
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    Know the feeling. Pulled up to 5th property for the day. Dropped gate to unload the 48", tire was flat. :( Hunted for 10 minutes to find pump to find that air leaked out faster than it went in. Go to unload spare 48" and it has a flat. :mad: Tire pumps up, change jungle wheels over (just have one set). Gas it up, fire it up, mow one round and it dies.:angry: Vent was closed on gas cap.:blush: After that it finished up to be a pretty good day. No matter how bad of a day you might have though, it's still great to be alive.:)

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