Other Ways To Make Money While Landscaping

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LandscapeMember, Feb 18, 2007.

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    Thank you for the responses...

    Daveintoledo... I was thinking about adding pools services, but our market is flooded with businesses that offer this service. I will look into to it.

    Prostriper... you mentioned 48 businesses; I wrote a list and came up with about 20. It was late, I am sure I can think of more. Would you like to share your list? This board may help add to it.

    NMS0219... That is a good idea to drop off the truck, let the customer load and haul it away. Dump prices are high in NJ. I pay $60 a ton to dump, this is mixed debris. They have extra charges for tires, stoves, etc. I only have one place to dump and is less then 20 miles way. I was thinking of doing it for the customer and making extra money. We have a local company that charges $425 to fill the truck and haul it away. He has a $100 minimum stop and that includes 1/8 of his truck space. I hear he is busy 4-5 days a week.

    Lushgreenlawn... Have you started advertising yet?

    Dirtdigger2... what is the profit for dumping metal?

    LinbloomRJ... We sub out all of our railings for steps. I have never attempted welding.

    Porter05... I have attempted snow removal. My insurance would sky rocket with the addendum. NJ commercial auto insurance is out of control. We just had our first snowfall of over 2 inches this winter.
  2. GreenN'Clean

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    I have a friend who does junk removal and hes making a nice profit from it. He doesn't make the money off of hauling it away what he makes his money from is the merchandise he picks up. He takes the stuff home looks through it and sells the stuff thats any good on ebay. He said he made close to 100k last year on selling the merchandise. Some people throw away some good stuff even antiques just to clear out there garages to make some space.
  3. NMS0219

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    I sell some of the stuff on ebay too. Its amazing what people throw out. I got a snow blower this past fall. I pulled it out of the trailer put gas and a spark plug in it. Runs great. I also pick out any thing metal. Got to love the high prices for scrap.
  4. Dirt Digger2

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    it depends on all a variety of things...whats metal prices, type of metal, condition...we did a job this summer that i can't talk too much about..had to sign a confidentiallity agreement, but they must of had 2 tons of old copper pipe we ripped out of the ground, but it was full of dirt so we didnt get too much out of it...aluminum is good as far as siding and gutters go and we ripped down an old bar that gave us a lot of steel...remember metal is heavy, so as long as you have the equipment to load, haul, and cut it, it can atleast buy you a little "gas money" for the job.
  5. bigmudder77

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    What i do to make extra money is i buy cheap cars and fix them up a little and sell them, if you become friendly with JD Byrider they give people like nothing for there trades (i use to work there so i know) and if they are not gonna sell them at there lot they just go to auction and they spend all that money getting them to the auction and all the time wasted. If you give them a fair esimate they will probaly sell it to you. But MOST things that go there need work or are about to blow up so do buy it with out driving it around the lot. And mechanical exp. helps but have more than tripled what i got a car for. the only bad thing is you can only sell 6 a year other wise the state comes after you unless you have a venders licenses. Hope that this helps
  6. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    We do some remodels for friends and a few customers. Mainly on stuff that doesn't require a gc license. Just finished a 3 week deal and for 2 guys cleared about $2,500 each. Other than that we buy mowers fix them up and resale easy money and it's a good way to get some equip.
  7. LushGreenLawn

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    I have not started advertising yet. I am not going to put any effort into junk removal until the end of this season, so that I have free time to devote to planning and marketing. Hopefully by the end of the winter I'll have my ducks in a row and it will not interfere with my mowing business.

    Also, I will run it as a seperate business, I don't want to have a "jack of all trades, master of none" style business.
  8. supercuts

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    i used do haul junk for customers on occassion, its nice to fit it in on rainy days. i was charging $85/load + dump fees with an ez dump in the back of a truck if items were in a pile and ready, if i have to haul things out an attic/garage the price goes up. i got lots of goodies to sell too.
    also, why at the dump, i picked up junk old chainsaws and stick them on ebay, people pay like $50 for an old craftsman saw that proply only cost $99 10 years ago and then pay shipping on top of it
  9. LandscapeMember

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    When you pick up the junk, do you have the homeowner sign anything? I do not want to load up the truck, then go to the dump and get a call later that night saying they threw something away by accident. Then go on to say, I am responsible.

    Should they sign a contract giving up all rights to the articles as soon as we leave the premises? This is important, especially, if I see something valuable and put it on ebay.
  10. RICHIE K

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    We started junk removal in 05 and it has been a huge money maker, even made it into a separt biz ( KULAK DISPOSAL ) see web site...........

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