Other ZTR companys that use "yard card" Financing?

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    I made a post recently about offers they run all the time usually for low financing rates or 0% for 24/36 sometimes even 42 months.

    Ive had this card for a few years and no major issues in the past. Back in September 07, i paid off one promotional balance of roughly 9k left before the rolling over finance amount was charged. I made it in time thankfully even after they couldnt phone process the payment, i had to mail it. Anyway, long story short, they since have started charging "LATE" fees of like $35+ per month, i finally realized it in October and november even after they said they "removed" the fee. These fees were charged "AFTER" i made a payment, its right on the statement lol. While I was on the phone many many times with them since, they now take the stand that i had some outstanding balance since September 07 and thats why the charges are listed.

    I requested ALL of my 2007 statements, which they mailed out two weeks later. After we reviewed them, there were multiple billing errors, bogus charges like "returned check" fees for "their" phone system error of $29.00.

    Their statements DO NOT match my statements, they're adding on amounts after my statement is mailed so i never see the true balances.

    All i have since that time is whats left over from the purchase of my 2007 Ferris 1500z 48" deck Zero turn which was like $4,500 on a 36mo 0% plan, so were talking a minor amount per month $148ish. I always send them $160.00 or so just to be on the "safe" side. :walking:

    Today i find out that their "department of accounts" department in North Jersey, denied my letter to reverse several charges in fault of their errors. There is PROOF, its in the statements, i had someone review everything that has a financial and business administration major and she found several faults in their billing "practices". I consider it as a whole, "a shody way of doing business".

    Here is what I mailed them February 8th or 9th 2008. It took them 33 days to get me a letter in response when it states on the back of the statement, the letter will be sent within 30 days :nono:

    February 8, 2008
    Yard Card
    Department of Accounts
    PO Box 731
    Mahwah, NJ 07430

    To Whom if May Concern:
    I, Carl , have been paying on Yard Card Account number xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for several years now. I have never had a major issue with this card until the last few months.
    At the end of August, I called to pay off my current promotional balance that was expiring. After giving all of the check information, I was told that I could not use a credit card check over the phone, it had to be mailed in, and I would not receive any of the accrued interest as long as the check went through. I then mailed the completed check. The next month when I received my statement, there were no new “credit” transactions on it as I normally receive. I ignored this because I knew that I had made my payment and the operator told me that there would be no issues on the account. I had called to verify that the final payoff check amount went through, and it did by September 14th 2007.
    I did not have any issues until a couple months later when I received late fee after late fee. With further review of my bills, I have found several discrepancies on them. On my October bill, there was a late fee charged, when Yard Card received my payment on September 24, 2007 it was over two weeks early due to the fact that the payment was not due until October 16th, 2007. I did not realize this at the time because I thought it was late for the September 16th due date, but I had made three payments in September to well enough cover the payments due for September and October1. My October statement (Due 11/16/2007) did not state that there were any past due amounts. I then called and spoke to someone at Yard Card who refunded the $35 late fee on 11/30/2007.
    On the November statement, I received another late fee, and the statement showed a past due amount of 18.46. When my automatic payment (made from xxx Bank) was sent for $160, I still had not covered all the fees Yard Card was charging me, though the payment received after the $35 fee was added on should have covered it.
    I called this past week (1/31/2008) to speak with someone regarding the issue and the two women did not want to hear what I was telling them, and actually at that point, I thought that we had made the payment for the October statement late, but with further review, we had not. The name of the women she spoke with was Donna Pafumi and Ambrosia Correa. They both had me on hold for very long periods of time. Ms. Pafumi told me that on the statement it states that all payments must be made with a personal check and insisted that the bills were all correct despite me telling her about the payments. I told her that we had read the whole statement and could not find the information regarding the payments and asked her to tell us where it was on the statement. Then affter being put on hold for several minutes, I was hung up on. I then called back and spoke to a very helpful man named Julio, he checked the account for the notes the women wrote and apologized for the one woman hanging up on me. He also stated that they had not requested my previous statement as I had asked before being hung up on. I had asked for these statements because it came to her attention that there was a $29 returned check fee back in September for the payment that we had attempted to make over the phone. We had not been told about any return check fees. The check in question happens to be the “credit card check” that the phone payment denied to accept because it was not a personal check. I was only told “after” attempting to pay the promotional balance off via phone operator that this was the case. I was never notified about denials of checks or fees associated with phone payments. He then requested the statements for me.
    I did not receive the statements until today 2/8/2007, and the postmark on the letters were 2/5/2008. I was surprised to see that it took 5 days for the statements to be sent out, but this is beside the point. After further review of them, I was shocked to see a different September2 statement than the one that I had originally received. This new statement shows the $29 fee and the check returned on the 4th. The check that was sent in the mail was from the same exact account as the check that was given over the phone. I could not send the exact one because we had written VOID on it after we gave the information over the phone so that the check would not be used twice.
    We are at wits end with dealing with the Yard Card, and if it was not the only financing option available for the lawn mowing equipment, we would have canceled the account already. I want the fees refunded back to the account and the account to be put in an up to date status. We also want to make sure that this delinquency has not been reported to the credit bureau, or that Yard Card is going to re-report to the bureaus that the account has not been delinquent.

    I will be awaiting your reply.

    Thank you for your time,
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    I mainly posted just as a fyi if looking to deal with them... It sucks because it basically is a downfall to equipment manufacturers that use them solely like Scag, Simplicity, Ferris etc. to name a few.

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