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  1. Poncho25

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    So today while i am working on a new client, who i have to tell you a bit about, this guy got screwed over twice now by the good ol pick up truck bandits, he paid ahead of time for service twice and twice they never came out, his lawn is very small, but I have a rule, that unless they live in my sub-div that I charge a min to even take my equipt off my truck, no ifs ands or buts...anyway, so hes looking to spend like 70 bucks a month for weekly service an I tell him that the lowest I would go would be 100, he says that he just can't see the justification for that...long story short I sold him on going out once every two weeks (he is along my route on Weds) for 70 a month..... not to bad IMO.

    Anyway on the ouch part, well i am at his house doing the trimming along his house and fence line and I feel this sharp sting in my shoulder, then another one, then another one on my forarm...then I start to back out and see a swarm of wasps fun let me tell you!! I keep a sting kit in the car, thank god for that as well as this instant death spray for these F*$*$kers!! After spraying the area where they were, found the nest in the grass in the corner of the fence line, this thing was about the size of a basketball!!! and I was about 6inches from hitting it with the weedwhacker...whew:dizzy:
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    Is this a desert type lawn or plush turf type lawn? If desert then not bad for 70 for biweekly but if it is thick turf then I am glad it isnt me.
  3. EMWEB

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    A friend of mine puts a bucket over them and sprays insecticide in thru a hole at the top. They don't spread and they die . .
  4. ChadsLawn

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    Glad you got out in time. They would have put you down if you got on top of them. I hope you told him, because I wouldnt trim that area until they were gone.
  5. JT1304

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    Ahhhh yesss..... nothing better than leaving a piece of equipment behind as you run off yelling, beating yourself about the head. All the while the neighbors are watching. Asking themselves" What the heck is wrong with that guy?" Good times....Good times

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    Happened to one of my guys last year-- 17 hits-- equipment was still sitting where it was dropped, After 4 hours of time taking him to the hospital.

    If you can not get close to the nest that day, come back at night, spray heavy.
  7. 29 Palms Property Management

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    The same thing happened to me 3 weeks ago. I was doing this tiny tiny overgrown lot that has the worlds smallest duplex on it, one of the real estate investors had bought recently. The city threatened to fine because it was too tall and trashy looking. The seller approved to get me out there to clean it up at his expense, before the closing on it. So I get there, start trimming up against the building, I take a step back to turn the corner and boom, a swarm of about 50 of these jokers came from around the back of me and just attacked. Sting after sting, after sting. In a split second I drop the weed eater, and run like a little school girl. I ended up with 22 stings. I still don't know what they were exactly. Big, black, plump terodactyl's!!! Thats what they were. Anyways, scary moment.
  8. TforTexas

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    I had an employee I was training one day, he was in the backyard spot spraying weeds while I was writing and hanging the invoice in the front.
    He comes staggering around the corner of the house and is white as a sheet!
    Then I notice his arm is about 3 times the size it oughta be. "You better take me to the hospital he says." He had been stung by one honeybee.
    By the time we got to the hospital he was having trouble breathing, sweating profusely and babbling incoherently. The doctor told me that if I wasnt there to take him to the hospital he might have died!
    When he recovered I suggested he might think about working indoors for a living. After that he carried a sting kit with him everywhere he went and actually worked for me for a couple years, but never got stung again.
  9. Az Gardener

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    Now you know why the other two LCO did not come back.
  10. PMLAWN

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    Thats scary-- Everybody was told to get to urgent care fast if someone gets stung. I did not want the responsibility of not acting the right way. My wife handles the contracts for a large utility, one of the crews was out and the guy on the Z hit a nest, as he stopped and got off the other guy came to help and got stung a lot. Was dead when the ambulance showed up. sad Be careful out there.

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