Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turfguy, Sep 7, 2001.

  1. turfguy

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    Today while mowing a good solid account the lady came out and asked me to knock down some weeds with my mower. Just a small garden gone wild, ok no big deal just as I nudge the bobcat into the tall grass it takes a nose dive and chokes and dies.As fast as I can hit the starter once I start to notice yellow jackets pouring out from under the deck. not just 30 or 40 but more like 1500 all with my address. never before have I dumped a machine and took off running like that .Got hit several times. Went back tonight with a tow rope and three cans of rainbow. Even after dark they were still all over that machine .....even in the air filter what makes them so mean? Ihave never seen yellow jackets like this before
  2. LoneStarLawn

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    If you got ran over with a lawn mower what would be your mood? LOL:D
  3. bridges

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    You don't even have to touch they come out stinging, I must of got stung about 15 times this year. And i'm talking about white face hornets.

    So i was laughing about turfguys story, Boy that was a good. Even tho it wasn't to funny at the time.

    Was anyone watching at the time of running.

  4. lee b

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    I heard a rumor that yellow jackets were breeding with killer bees creating a nasty little critter, the killer jacket. Beware:D
  5. Lawn-Scapes

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    I was mowing an account today that has a Bronco parked on the grass just off the driveway. It hasn't moved since I got the account a couple of months ago. Last week I noticed wasps (the larger looking yellow jackets?) nesting in behind the license plate and behind the gas door and in the spare tire and.... There must be hundreds!!! I can get to within 5 feet before I start to freak :eek: I swell up pretty bad when stung.

    Is it me... there seems to be a lot more wasps this year... no?
  6. Grasshog

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    I was cutting down a tree the other day when I bent right over a killer jacket hole. Guys these things ate me up.
    I ran and they gave chase. 7 stings on the buttocks, 1 on the ear and two on the leg. I was at a condo community, I had a lot of on lookers.
  7. little green guy

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    I was trimming some hedges last week and I just kept getting stung. There we so many bee's it was crazy, I almost gave up, but after a while you start to get used to it.
  8. Well gosh darn, did ya find a pool to jump in?:cry:
    I've been lucky this year only one sting. (knock on wood)
    So does it hurt or did you find some good stuff to put on it.

    Well sorry to hear that. Got to watch out for them.

    LOL:blush: LoneStar

    Watch out for Bees

  9. Allyn

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    Use soapy water. Dish soap and water in a sprayer of some kind. The water will kill the bees and wasps. But won't hurt the enviorment.

    It works better than any insectized I have ever used. They get knocked down fast.


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