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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by PR0 TURF, Dec 23, 2008.

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    And what if he did, what business is it of yours?

    I have two questions about the A300.

    I watched the video... does it have some sort of automatic throttle control? Must be something on the higher end loaders...

    The strobes in the rear, are they a direct fit? I assume they are self-contained and you just used the factory wiring on them? I want to do that with our loader, that's a great idea....

    Gotta love that bucket eh? We bought a 96" bucket just like yours but the back is a bit higher... Love it. Moves so much more snow than the dinky one that was on there.
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    Just out of curiosity, on the A300 how often would you say you guys use the all-wheel steer mode vs skid-steer mode? The AWS mode must help a bit with tire life?

    Great thread btw, always look forward to seeing the updates.
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    Thanks man. I usually don't really like low-sided beds like the ones on your trucks but the diamond plate sides seem to take the most advantage of the space with the lower rear gussets.
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    Atomic LED actually makes a replacement cab light. Its a LED strobe and maker light all in one. It might be easier then drilling each light out and adding strobes. I saw them on plowsite. They look pretty cool.
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    haha absolutely right, the best way to build big is start early when there are none to few bills to worry about and continuously put every penny made back into the company

    Pro-Truf - amazing equipment, how do you like the Bowie hydroseeder? your new one, are you staying with Bowie or switching over to Finn or another company?
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    Your Right on the money with that! P Services!!:usflag: :drinkup:
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    Its all a matter of how long you want to keep living life as a scrooge in order to grow your biz, to tell you the truth im about sick of it. Ready to have a nice little house on the lake, a fast boat with few seats, a slow boat with many seats, a few toys to make winter go by faster, take a few vacations every year would be exciting, go catch a baseball game on a sat afternoon. I think the one thing i miss the most is the smell of fish slim on my hands, its been so long since i went fishing i cant even tell you where my tackle box and rod/reel (that cost a pretty penny) even are, thats not a good thing.

    The grind gets old but you dont say no to it, you work 120 hour weeks for 35 weeks strait. PERIOD. Thats why we grow. You dont waste any money on the previously mentioned luxuries and if you do it slows your biz down a little bit each time.

    The question is when, when do you quit and start to live? when do you cut back just a little to get a taste? Many of us can not mentally handle the thought of spending time and money on anything other then our business. Its almost a sickness.
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    I know you're trying to grow your business and all. But I really think you should look into eating people food. Just a suggestion. Haha

    But on a serious note I agree with you. That's how I've been going at it thus far. Only spending money on things I need and reinvesting the rest. Eventually it will pay off, and if it doesn't I'll at least have some equipment to sell.
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    go read the ingredient list on Blue Buffalo dog food and i bet you will want to eat it also!!!

    my dog is eatin good in the neighbor hood!
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