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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by PR0 TURF, Dec 23, 2008.

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    Its in the Hardscaping forum, titled RFW Inc.
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    To quote "Becoming a category of one" - "A vision without execution is just a hallucination." Unfortantly people are very visual in nature vs Reading the info.
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    BTW, congratulations ProTurf on 1,000 posts...
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    THank you p.services
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    And Eagle Landscape's thread :drinkup:
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    I couldn't agree more. People often ask on lawnsite..."how'd you grow so fast...what is the secret?" What you just said about sums it up. You still have to be very smart with your money & spend wisely & make plenty of smart decisions along the way. Being young with no personal bills is a huge advantage when starting your company if you can handle the responsibility.
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    Our A300 has a foot throttle, just like a traditional gas pedal in a vehicle. It's a really nice feature to have. I believe the machine also has the traditional throttle setup like the majority of bobcats but it also has the foot pedal. We use the foot pedal 100% of the time.

    The strobes are regular oval LED strobes from AW Direct. They are not a bobcat product. We removed the stock red tail lights and wired these in. We had to trim a small amount of the rubber to fit them in, but overall it was a pretty easy fit.

    That snow bucket is AWESOME!! Wish we bought it years ago...:weightlifter:
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    Westcoh...we use the AWS 90% of the time. It would be tough to go back to a traditional skid steer after using the AWS for so long. I highly recommend it.

    We actually just put new tires on the machine last week...we got 700 hours out of that set. I thought we usually got closer to 800...but this time around it was 700 hrs.

    What are guys typically seeing out of a set of tires on a regular skid steer?
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    We LOVE the Bowie hydroseeder. We are definitely Bowie guys for the foreseeable future. Finn seems to have a majority of the market share, but our first machine was a Bowie & that is what we've learned & grown on. It has treated us well. I'm sure a Finn is a great machine, but we do not have any experience with them.

    I'm actually out in California as we speak getting our new Hydroseeder. Yes it is definitely a Bowie! I will try to post some pics of it tomorrow evening.

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