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  1. srl28

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    Ha rapes your wallet is an understatement. $5k for a rebuilt one, 10k for a new one! They last about 100-1200 hours depending on how sandy and gritty the material you run through it is.
  2. Cutter1

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    I'm dreading my air lock rebuild.
  3. CriderLawn09

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    hey, pro turf

    i was wondering if u have had any experince with the new free hand product that prevents weeds in your landscape beds? ive heard good things about it, ive used snap shot before in the past with ok results but u really have to treat three times or so for it to work well or so thats with my experence with using it so i saw the add for free hand and my rep tells me its better so i order 500lbs to try it just wondering what you guys use or anyone else on here uses i have the worst luck with crab grass ever lol it makes me pull my hair out in late summer early fall!
  4. barney14

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    Pulling hair out now...
  5. CriderLawn09

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    you having a problem with crab grass too? i hate it, its my biggest enemy in eastern ky
  6. syzer

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    The fins on the roller wear down allowing more air to escape between the fins and the inside barrel of the drum making it must less efficient and I assume eventually not forcing enough air through the hose to push the material. Ours has some slight scarring and I am NOT looking forward to when we do have to rebuild it.

    I was quoted 20k to rebuild the air lock on our 1216
  7. P.Services

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    Is it metal or poly or what? There are always better and cheaper ways to do things so I want to see one and find a better way.
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  8. srl28

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    ^^^ I agree with that. I think the reason the machines and parts are so expensive is because Finn controls the whole industry, theyre a monopoly. If there was more competition the prices would be lower, economics 101 lol. Have a hard time paying 1/4 of the machines price for a part.
  9. AintNoFun

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    very true when i ran a finn hydroseeder the parts were outrageous.. still have a strawblower of theres they can rob me on though, lol..
  10. shawn1565

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    hey pro turf i need some help an was wonderin if u could help me. First off, i just got my first to commercial bids to put in an dont no how to an how much to charge... they will bolth probly take about an hour to a hour an a hafe thats including mowin trimmin an blowin every thin off. My other question is do u have any addvice for addvortisen..............

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