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    For each cleanup we will clean the beds & lawn areas of debris, dethatch the entire lawn, sweep all the winter sand from the lawn edges along the road & along the curb in front of the property, prune any low hanging tree branches, mow the lawn & edge and prep the beds for bark mulch if they are on the schedule for mulch. Typically we have 3-4 guys per cleanup crew for residential properties depending upon the size of the cleanups. Pics to come soon...
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    Thanks for the kudos Stockie. For our commercial properties we will sub out the fertilization to a local fert company. We tell our residential customers that an actual fertilization company can do a better job than us at a cheaper price than us. You can't be "everything to everyone". It is tempting to do, but we have found that not offering the fertilization service does not effect our maintenance business.

    My advice is: Figure out what you are good at...and do ALOT of it. Once you figure out what you enjoy doing & can do efficiently, begin to focus on doing alot of that service. If you have too many "stirrers in the pot" you become a jack of all trades, master of none. There are some companies out there that successfully offer many services, but it is not easy. We offer more services than the average company & it is challenging staying on top of our game on all of those different services.
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    We have not done any actual highway seeding. Our previous machine was too small to efficiently do those size jobs. We are hoping to get into some roadside seeding with our new machine.
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    Thanks Powerstroke!

    Spring has been decent so far. Much later start than last season, but we are all in the same boat, trying to make the best of it. We should be doing our first mowings at the tail end of this week. How are things going for you?
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    Here are a few random pics as we wrap up the loose ends on the new hydroseeder. Here is the new reel that we're installing, it didn't come with one. We took some videos of the new machine for the website before we put it out to work. Also a close up of the graphics on the cab...





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    Here is a pic of our Bobcat as we are re-painting it. We use it primarily to load salt in the winter & the paint takes a real beating, so we touch it up each spring.

    Also here is a pic of a spare tire mount we put on our Bobcat trailer. We get flats often enough that this was something we really needed. The downtime from a flat can eat up the man hours real quick if you are not prepared for it. We bought a few spare rims & tires over the winter so hopefully this will not be much of an issue going forward.


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    Here is a random pic of a small job we did last week. Had to bring in some material to fix the grade under this deck. All of the water was pooling against the foundation. It was nasty work, you needed to be a hobbit to work under there comfortably.

    Another random pic of pulling some pipe for a sprinkler system last week.


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    Good to hear Chris!! we were in the same situation didn't get started like we planned. things are going good for us ,lots of work lined up. Hopefully its a good year!! and ,:dizzy: The Fuel prices go down, but i doubt that. Ugh! Good to hear from you and see some more pics. Take it easy.
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    A few pic's from my trip down to Westerly RI to help our great buds at A&J landscaping blow a few hundred yards of mulch.

    Thanks for the hospitality guys, was a great time!


    aj land ri.jpg

    aj land ri 1.jpg
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    I would just like to thank Pro Turf for a gob well done anybody that needs bark blowing done give them a call they are the best. They are great guys to work with. You guys will have to come down in the summer and we will show you a good time.

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