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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by PR0 TURF, Dec 23, 2008.

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    That pusher turned out great.:cool2:
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    Love your uniforms! That 20ft haulmark is PUUURRRRRTTTTY!!!! What year was that old service body? That thing was beautiful!!
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  3. Z-master man

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    Quick question PRO-TURF, who manufactures the dump bodies that you have on the smaller dumps?
  4. MDLawn

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    I've used a proslide for about 7 years and they are great and don't leave extra wheel marks. I think that just like tracks help spreads the weight of a skidsteer better the proslide spread the weight better than on or two wheeled unit. I'm in 240lb (thankfully good weight) range and would sink the wheeled one a friend of mine had. If guys can stay off the pavement the wear plate should last a season. I've noticed that when new sometimes the edges can dig into the ground on turning (very infequent but has happened) until the wear plate starts to curl up, which is normal. Then its fine. Or if I turned by the edge of the sidewalk the plate would ride the sidewalk and catch the turf/soil on the other side and slice it up a little. This happened especially near trees or gound that was higher than the sidewalk. These were minor and infrequent things but did happen. Also, and this could be because of my weight, the mower frequently lifts the front end which is probably caused by some of the drag and me weighing it down. So on hills I needed to pull up on the handles to keep the deck down. Maybe the weights offered for the front end on my turf tracer would have helped. Wouldn't choose anything different but those are some things I noticed. I also like how when you step off it immediately gets up and out of the way when you need to a walk the mower.

    Great informative thread you've got going here.
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    Hey PRO TURF- This months issue of Turf Magazine has some info about the Proslide, just thought id let you know.
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    Hey Pro Turf,
    Its taken me a few days to get through this whole forum. I have been educated. I am wondering if you have any more info on Service Autopilot? You mentioned it earlier and just wondering what your experience was. Or are you still using Groundskeeper Pro? Thanks
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    Sorry it took so long, forgot about this thread! lol

    I like your equip. by the way.

    New Castle Pipe Puller
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    sq/ft or cubic feet?
  9. burnsyscapes

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    question for you. . . how did you learn how to do irrigation? took some classes or are you self taught?

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    I have been reading through this thread for the last few days and I am impressed! You have a nice operation.

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