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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by PR0 TURF, Dec 23, 2008.

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    Pro Turf! I meant to ask how your snow season has been going. Hope all is well.
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    Howdy pro turf, just saying hi and nice pics of the pusher blast and paint job! You sure do a great job of keeping your equipment looking new and clean! Keep up the good work. Hows your snow season going? Here in WI its been a little slow. Oh well, maybe we'll have an early spring.
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    Hey man

    Saw your rig at NE Grows. Pretty sweet set up. Do you get many calls from that from other contractors?
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    Yeah the hydro seeder looks really good at the show!
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    I agree with you on using the tt's over the ztr's besides the reduction in maintenance expenses etc your really not going to be losing any productivity especially since your using the velkes. On the bigger sites yes you will, but on the midsized properties I noticed a huge difference. I was doing a 35k property and it took a 2 man crew about 1.5 hours to mow, trim and collect trash/weed the beds each week using 1 ztr. I switched it to a 3 man crew using 2 wbs and we were in and out in 45-50 minutes consistantly each week. The two guys did all the mowing in about 40 minutes and the other did the trimming, checked for weeds and all 3 blew the property at the end. Now weekly it doesnt add up to much, but I figured it this way at a cost of $25/man hour it saved me on average $15.00/week, which over a 28 week season saves me about $420 on that account, and this crew was running 10 accounts per week in which they were only using wb's. I did that A as an experiment to test it, and b I only utilized them on the properties that it made sense, 2 acres and under. Since I did this middle of the season I wasnt able to acutually see the true savings over the entire season, but theoretically it would have saved me $4000.00 in labor. Secondly, you will notice a nice savings in fuel. We were using about 15 gal of gas per day using two wb's which at my prices here is about $50/day. Using the ztrs your talking about a full tank per day which on the new ones is about 24 gal between 2 mowers, on the older two tank units about 20 gal a day, average was about $25.00/day for me which would save me about $3000.00 for the season in fuel. Right there for me I figured $7000.00 in savings alone for the season.

    Frankly I told my guys yes it was harder work but it was the way we were moving. Most of them like you said were not happy initially, but then they actually enjoyed it becasue they were getting a little more exercise each day so they felt better and realized it was what was needed to keep their jobs. I was out there on days with them walking right along with them on a wb mower. I was never the type of owner that said im only riding the zero turn or skid loader or what ever. I dont like that management technique. Now that im a manager for another company, I am the same way. Some weeeks Im out on the jobsites inspecting the work thats being done by my crew, and the next week Ill be out there pulling weeds or trimming the grass or turning over the mulch. It earns the respect of your employees and when I did that, the guys were not complaining anymore about the walk behinds.
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    lukemelo216- really good write up on the comparison of wb's to z-turns, definitely something to consider! The projected savings in fuel, let alone maintenance, is staggering.
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    Hey there...I'll be back on sometime next week to update things etc. I haven't been able to concentrate on anything for the last 2 weeks with the Patriots in the Superbowl...yeehaaa!!

    Here's a quick pic of 5 Turf Tracers we picked up this week...we've officially made the switch!!


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    Sweet Pro Turf! They look new. You will be ready to go once we get to spring.
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    They look great, are they new or used ?
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    They're all used...2010 units with approx 800 hrs...I'm too cheap to buy new!

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