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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by PR0 TURF, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. merrimacmill

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    I only go down to wheel barrows, I haven't seen a need to do it with hand tools yet. But I do know some guys that do, they number literally everything they own with riveted brass tags. I use mail box numbers on the cheap equip, and its included in the signage on the more expensive stuff like trucks, skids, etc.. I'll take some pics tomorrow.
  2. matt10486

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    What's that Chris, your selling me the Freightliner. When can I come grab it?
  3. scotts lawn care

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    I use the maintenance page in the back of the owners manual for my machines.

    If i end up selling a mower i'll give them the manual and then they also have the

    records of all the maintenance and repairs done since it was new. This gives the

    dealer/new owner peace of mind that it was well taken care of. :clapping:
  4. RPM90

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    What do you use to keep track of the different trucks and scheduling different jobs through the week. I seem to have trouble finding a system to keep to keep track and schedule the jobs.
  5. Jbh0724

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    It took me a month of sundays to get through the post, but very nice. Everyone should take the time to read through it in detail.
  6. barney14

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    This is my third time reading this entire thread.

    Good work there PT :canadaflag:
  7. PR0 TURF

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    Thanks guys! I enjoy speaking with everyone on here. Always learning something new or helping someone else out. I don't get on here very much during the landscape season but hopefully I can be a bit more active this coming season. Good luck to everyone this season!

  8. teamgreendude

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    hey Chris have you ever heard of the professional landcare network? Today we just finished it and I love Planet! http://www.facebook.com/kstate.hfrr?sk=photos here are the photos from some of the events, just to let you know i competed in truck & trailer operation.
  9. lawnpropm

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    Is PLANET really worth joining? It seems like most of their events or functions are out if reach fir us on the southeast. I haven't looked into it much but you guys always have the intel
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  10. oakwdman

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    I went to PLANET SCD last year, didn't wanna drive all the way to k state this year but as a student I'd highly recommend it, great place to show off the skills lol.
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