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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by PR0 TURF, Dec 23, 2008.

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    Glad to see you are back!!!:usflag:

    What do you use for leaf collection, I see a leaf vac; brand, hp, truck for collection, etc...

    Also how did that switch to turf tracers go? I am looking to purchase one. How do you like them? Pro's? Con's? Etc...

    As a 13 year old your thread has really inspired me, keep the pictures coming!

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    Does this increase your cost to the customer? I'm sure if it does they know why they are paying you for it. Or are you efficient enough that you can get more jobs/day making it worth it?

    But yea I haven't seen many jobs where the ground actually looks green after a day or two from initial application. Again I don't do the stuff but the few jobs I've been at where people have received hydroseed it looks like not enough was applied or it has such thin growth. This could be a watering issue too. Even with these subpar results people still pay for that stuff even with marginal results?!?! A majority of these have been jobs after a major construction project like a whole residential street receiving a new sewer system, but still a lot of residentials too.

    Wow.... That would be so beneficial to have. If you could have crews doing all the trimming, edging, and clean ups at multiple places and have guys just doing the mulch with a blower vs wheel barrowing about 1-1.5 yards per man per hour. But those things are expensive and either way to small or large like you have. Plus you've said that you better have the work for it or its cost will take a toll.
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    Best thread ever
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    Just finished reading this whole thread (over the last couple weeks), and as others have stated, it was worth the time it took! I get discouraged by the local "competition" and the way they carry themselves. There are many good companies in my area but so many of the sub-par folks that make it hard to gain trust from customers early on. Seeing the way you and your employees carry the company name is inspiring.
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    Thanks for the kudos Mudwisr. Glad to hear you've enjoyed the thread. I know exactly what you're saying about the "sub-par folk" & gaining trust with your clients, we experience the same challenges. There's no big secret to having success in this, or any business really, you just need to keep grinding away & stay focused on your plan. Only the strong survive!

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    We purchased a leaf vac trailer this summer. It has a 27hp Kawasaki engine. Overall this treated us great this year. We were concerned that it wasn't going to be large enough, but we were pleasantly surprised with the volume of leaves we could pack in there. My favorite part about the trailer setup is that it's all self contained...just hook up & go. No need to build a leaf box on a truck, or mount a vac etc.


    Leaf Vac Trailer.jpg
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    Do you collect any of your grass clippings?
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    How do you like the leaf loader compared to the old way with your ctl. if you dont mind me asking what did you pay for the unit.
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    Hi Guys,
    Been following your thread for some time now and would like to wish you and everyone else on Lawnsite best wishes and a properous 2014 from Bonny Scotland. At this moment in time we are in 2014, it's on it's way to you all across the pond. Best regards, Wee Alfie
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    Happy new year Pro-Turf! Hope you guys have a great 2014.

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