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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by PR0 TURF, Dec 23, 2008.

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    That's a nice setup you have for leaves Pro Turf! :weightlifter:
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    How has SAP been working for you guys? We've gone back to printing the route sheets, and I'm getting much better feedback about the accounts and information on upsell opportunities. It's much easier on the crews to make short notes that are easy for me to see as I'm entering job times into the system. Do you use the touch point feature?
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  3. PR0 TURF

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    Yes we collect about 80% of our clippings. Currently we manually load them into the back of our dump trucks. In the heavy grass season we are going to have to try to vac the grass from some of our properties. I have heard of that being done, but have never tried it.

  4. whiffyspark

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    Who made your skid steer trailer?
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  5. phoenixsteeler

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    Do you just use side catchers for the turf tracers? I was thinking of getting a new TT
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  6. S-205

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    You got 6.4 mirrors on your 550, how come you installed them? They look great.
  7. mudwisr2

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    There is a larger company in my area that bags many of their residentials. The crew dumps grass at curb. They have a guy that only drives around and vacs up clippings. They've been doing it a while so must be working ok for them.
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  8. HHLawnCareLandscaping

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    I am pretty new to this site and the industry as well but I must say this is by far the best thread I have read thus far. I am 17 (as of November '13) and purchased a guys business with a 14ft trailer, John Deere walk behind, Bad Boy Outlaw XP 61" (30 hours on it), blower, and a trimmer. I have 10 residentials and a big commercial factory. I have intentions on building my business over the next few years with extreme caution paying attention to all the factors like the ones discussed in this thread.
    I actually took three pages of notes (starting on page 100) of your thread and I just really appreciate all the insight you have spread with some of us younger guys. I am homeschooled and have spent the last month or so just thinking and thinking coming up with a business plan and a marketing plan for 2014. I just wanted to applaud you for growing your company and showing others its not easy but it is possible! I also love your little saying "dont be a jack of all trades and master of none".

    -H&H Lawn Care and Landscaping
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    There have definitely been times where I wish I was doing something else...but who hasn't?? I bet even Tom Brady has those days...on rare occasions! I still tell myself that I won't be doing this for the rest of my life...i have a few ideas in the works on other ventures...but nothing set in stone yet.[/QUOTE]

    ahhhh tom brady? heeelll no he don't wish he was doing other things. hes tom brady! Giselle 19 million dollar condo in NY. just messin w ya. enjoyed your thread. congrats on the business u have
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    Did pro turf say that? The quote in your post got all messed up.
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