Our Equipment over the years...

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by PR0 TURF, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. P.Services

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    maybe you can rig up the blower truck to be a salter!!! just drive real fast and let the hose whip around! or maybe just do drive by salting and never leave the road :cool2::cool2:
  2. becpropertymaint.

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    holy pipe batman:dizzy:
  3. ProCutCare

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    from Ada, MI
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    Just read through this whole thread, looks like you are doing some really good work.. I can really appreciate the fact that you keep all of your snow removal in house, it assures a quality product all the way around, no relying on subs.. keep up the good work
  4. syzer

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    Some good looking stuff there man!
  5. P.Services

    P.Services LawnSite Fanatic
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    syzer i thought you were going to start a little photo thread? have you and i just missed it?
  6. bock

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    Wow. You have a seriouse operation going on. Thats very impressive you grew that fast. So is it just you as the sole owner or do you have a partner? What is your chain of command?
  7. syzer

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    Nah, I will one of these days, need to get some shots of all the equipment. Been pretty busy since those two large storms back in the beginning of Feb setting the schedule WAY back. Playing catch up now.
  8. buffalonick

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    Wow i just got through the thread after a couple hours and pro turf you are defiantly an inspiration. I am just 21 and starting out this year and too see all that equipment and the shop that you had after just 4 years of doing it full time is really great. I dont know if i missed it or not but did you have any schooling on landscaping or hort.? I saw you say you never worked for another landscape company, but did you have any type of experience going into it? or was it just an idea that grew and grew?
  9. MarthaT

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    Great looking stuff!
  10. hunterpreferred

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    pro turf here are those pictures of the ladder racks I have and how they are mounted on the service truck P1020055.jpg






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