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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by PR0 TURF, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. PR0 TURF

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    Yes sir we certainly did...we were up there from Thurs-Sunday...did you go up? You should've honked on 93!
  2. AI Inc

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    Hey whats with thatlady that owns the carpet company over on Pelzar? Hadnt heard from her in a few yrs , then in May she called me to replace her backflow, then last week she had your guy over there.
  3. Schutti86

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    Nice! Ya, saw you in Concord,NH, thats where I work. No I didn't make it up this year! Haha will honk next time!
  4. collegefundms

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    Pro Turf I saw at one point on a truck website one of your dumps for sale. But now I cant find it are you still looking to sell it or did it already sell. You can pm me with the details and price thanks. Sorry to hijack your thread I just wanted to buy it but then i lost it.
  5. jgibbons

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    pm me as well if you can
  6. 93Chevy

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    Wow, I was going to go to bed, but I decided to read your thread instead. Very impressive. Keep up the good work.
  7. nswc101

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    Hey Pro-Turf,

    This is a great thread and very motivating. I have some questions though about your business. I am 23 and own a business with a friend here in Worcester MA.. I (like you and almost everyone else in the business) grew up mowing lawns and doing yardwork in the neighborhood and it turned into a business. We bought a beat up '96 f-150 in 2006, trailer etc. I was at UMass for land arch. and then landscape contracting but when they told us we would have to do a 40hr a week internship for another company to complete the program, I dropped out and focused on business because we were already very busy. In 2007 we registered our business. We bought 3 trucks, (2002 f250, 2007 f350 dump diesel, 2008 f350 dump gas), an additional Wright Stander and a 16' enclosed trailer. All of these were purchased with loans. We had a great customer base but not a whole lot of money in the bank. We were actually working separate jobs at night to have spending money because the business had bills to pay and money to save. At that point we had 1-2 people working with the two of us during the day. Nowadays we have even more trucks/equipment that we have paid off or paid cash for like trailers, sanders, plows, skidsteers etc. I dont know what we were thinking back then having so many loans on literally everything, we never made payments in partial or late and always paid off credit card bills in full every month. We used all of the equipment too, we had a need for it. I am just glad to have made it through the beginning there and to have also grown over that period. Nowadays, being a bit more stable and wise, I look at some companies, especially new ones and wonder how they do/ did it? I know someone who had no customers but went out and bought a brand new f350, brand new enclosed, brand new hand tools and now they're in business this year. I dont think they had that much cash laying around either and kinda wonder how theyre paying the bills.

    My question for you was how did you start up financially? I think other people asked this early on in the post but it never got answered, it seemed as if they were looking to be insulting no matter what answer you gave. I was wondering if you had to take alot of loans or a business loan etc. to get started or maybe you had help from family or money saved. I know growth like that requires alot of cashflow/ credit for equipment, pay, a shop etc. and was wondering how you did it.
  8. terraman21

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    hey proturf great to see you guys back on here hows business been? how are you liking the mulch blower would you have gotten a bigger one we have the finn 705 and love it but in the next year we are gonna have a local guy build us a 25 or 30 yard truck!!!!! i cant wait lol did you guys get all the bugs worked out? floor speed and airlocker and so on and so fourth? let me know if you have any questions also hows your install lookin this year much work?
  9. Boycea

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    Why are you selling the loaders?
  10. cat320

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    I was woundering the same thing just saw them on craigs list . they look like nice machines .

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