Our first job of 2012

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Red Shed Landscaping, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. DVS Hardscaper

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    whoa! back up!

    The beds are filled with GRAVEL!!!

    Gravel is used on the bottom of fish tanks and gravel is used for railroad beds.

    If this was my forum......I would suspend any member for a week that posts pics of ajob with gravel!!

    Perennials. Groundcover. Perennials. Ground cover.
  2. A&Jlandscapingllc

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    nice work man
  3. Red Shed Landscaping

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    I would have to say the farmers are rich since they are the majority of my business (which is a luxury) and are complaing about paying taxes this year because they made too much money.

    I have tried to get ahold of different companies to make a railing for another job and they would never get back to me so now I make it the resposibility of the homeowner to find someone to install one.

    I agree the Country Manor is very versatile and easy to work with since you can do freestanding walls and large structual walls with it.

    DVS - Yes I personally don't like the rock but we use it almost every job since it is low maintainence for the older people. Most of our work is for the seniors who don't want to be outside weeding and taking care of lots of plants. I would like to every yard to have lots of ground cover and perenials. I tell them that groundcovers are easy to care for but they all want rock. I at least try to talk them into mulch so it would look alittle softer.
  4. JBMohler

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    Nice job! I like the way you did the steps also.
  5. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    I like how you cut the sod out before the excavation. looks like you ended up needing to top soil the sides anyway though?
    Finished product looks really good
  6. Red Shed Landscaping

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    There was a slope on the yard that was too much for the patio so we dug a extra 6 inches deep to have some dirt to fill around the patio afterwards and it turned out to be just enough.

    We seal all our paver projects unless someone is really on a tight budget. It is an acrylic gloss sealer. The homeowners are even more excited after it gets sealed. It really enhances the colors.
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  7. zedosix

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    How long do you wait to seal the pavers. Is it something you do right after you finish laying.
  8. Red Shed Landscaping

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    We wet down the polymer sand and wait for the pavers to dry so if its warm enough it might be later in the afternoon or may have to come back the next day to seal it. I suppose you could seal it before the poly sand but I like to seal it with it in to help seal the sand in even more than the poly does.
  9. AztlanLC

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    I'm sure zedo is as concerned about sealing with acrylic as me, have u ever had problems sealing pavers so soon?
  10. zedosix

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    Unless your pavers are made differently than the ones I install you may want to wait 60 days. Of course you would need to apply a wash solution -efflorenscence remover first then wait 24hrs and seal. This is assuming you've done this without the sun beating down on the brick. Sealers are very temperature sensitive.

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