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our latest residential project

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we have just completed this installation this week. 19 zone irrigation system in front/side of house. this particular home has to be at least 6500 sq ft!!!

there are 4 drip zones for different planting areas, 3 mist zones for ground cover and the rest are rotors for the turf area.

this was a beautiful home to install the system...we did the neighbor's home last year.

this type of work is by referral only.

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these type of driveways are common in the connecticut area (this is what the homeowner told me). it seems pretty cool...good luck plowing that!!!

this is a side pic of the home. i will post some after pics when i get them downloaded.

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here is another biggie we did an install for last year...they seem to be building homes bigger than ever before over here.

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this home we installed the system last season, but the homeowners keep changing the landscape. though not pictured, they have removed the drive to make a basketball court.

crazy, man, just crazy.


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great pics, Brian !! some nice homes to work on.
Looking forward to some new install pics

Love working on those kind of homes
I that curbing common up there?? It looks good.
most new developments have it installed in the street...enhances the development...more money for the home. it is optional for the homeowner to install the curbing in the drive...though when they do, it does look nice!

19 zones.....yikes, what size water service do these homes have?
the home in the first pic has a 3/4" water main. when we were consulted in regards to the irrigation system, we suggested a 1-1/4" main from the street to the home, but there was the 'he said/she said' from the plumber who did the work...hence, we have a 3/4" main.

the system works good, but watch out when the back needs to be irrigated.

the other homes have at least a one inch water main from the street. some homes sink their own wells. it depends on the $$$ flow.


here is an after pic of a home we completed last week.


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this is a before is located in a very upscale neighborhood...some homes are pushing very high six figures...

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this customer decided to wait to install the back system until the pool and water fall were installed. this home is completed now but this pic shows the pavers around the pool are completed and the landscape company is putting the finishing touches on the water fall and landscape. lawn was graded, topsoiled and seeded. bar/ cabana (spelling) is to be installed by the pool this month.

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this is a nicer pic of the pool and pavers.

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