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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by AUHort1990, Apr 6, 2007.

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    This is the new RSA Headquarters currently under construction. It should be completed sometime in '08. It has an attached parking deck and on the back side there will be a big 'porch' area with a parking garage underneath. It will be a very nice building. The last pic will be my future office building. Right now the contractor is using it as their office. I think they will build a metal building out to the side to store our equipment and chemicals. The first 2 pics are of the front of the building and the 3rd and 4th pics are of the back.

    Headquarters Front.jpg

    Headquarters frontparking.jpg

    Headquarters Back.jpg

    Headquarters backcorner.jpg

    Headquarters 005.jpg
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    Very nice pictures Roger... Thanks for sharing.

    It's prolly been answered somewhere else but what does RSA/Jesco stand for?
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    RSA is the Retirement Systems of Alabama. That's who I work for. We are a state agency that overseas the state retirement plan for state employees, teachers, judges and state police. Years ago Dr. Bronner (our CEO) started building class A office buildings downtown Montgomery AL. He decided he needed a horticulturist to help maintain them and I was the lucky one who got the job. The building under construction is our new Headquarters building. RSA has outgrown its current facility.

    If you are a golfer we also built the Robert Trent Jones Trail, http://www.rtjgolf.com/ (which I have nothing to do with). The trail is 10 courses located throughout Alabama. They are really challenging courses...or so I have heard. I played the one in Auburn (Grand National) years ago and it was really tough...of course they are all tough to me 'cause I'm not good at all....monster slice...almost to boomerang proportions.

    JESCO is the contractor who is overseeing the construction of the new headquarters. The building they are using as their offices will be my office as soon as they move out. I am hoping they will attach some sort of metal building for all of our equipment and pesticides.
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    Thanks for the info Roger. I'm dealing with the CA equivalent right now (CAL-PERS) as I'll be taking early retirement sometime this summer and moving to WA state.
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    Oh no, another expert moving our way! Where are you moving to Purp?
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    Yakima area. :)
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    You should consider the west side. We have lovely rainy weather here.
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